Tuesday Spinstering: Two Random Gifs

tassel-necklace, summer-jewelry, jewelry-gif
Since I started my Tumblr, I've been trying to make more gifs. You know, to be a content creator and all. Well, today I'm going to share two that I've made recently just for fun. They don't really mean anything or make any real sense, but I made them, so I'm sharing!

The first is quite clearly a tassel necklace gif. Back in 2013, I did a DIY Tassel Necklace Tutorial, in case you're feeling crafty today. Otherwise, you can just watch this necklace make itself.

This next one is just weird...

I don't even remember where I got this original image, but something tells me it was from Madewell or maybe Urban Outfitters. I made it while I was listening to Aziz Ansari's Modern romance. I gave her some plastic surgery, t hen I made her wear the weirdest long johns outfit ever. You're welcome. 

Now, look away before you have a seizure. I should have made the last frame longer.

Enjoy your Tuesday! My friend Amanda has informed me that Monday through Thursday during July is Pinkberry happy hour. That means Frozen Yogurt is half off from five to seven for sizes medium and large! Enjoy!

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