Two Images from Monday Night Spinstering

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In the heat of Atlanta summer, I can barely be bothered to walk outside, get in my car, and drive to work. It's just the overall thickness of the weather. Thankfully, my office is equipped with an excellent air conditioning system, and once I'm there, all is well. After work, I try to spend as little time outdoors as possible so I don't melt into one human puddle. This is why I'm super excited about the Fresh Market that's opened just around the corner from my apartment.

On the way home from work, if I need groceries (though they are more expensive at Fresh Market), I can now arrive at the grocery store making all right turns. Then, when I leave, I can get home making only right turns. In Atlanta Traffic, this seems advantageous. 

Fresh Market is a delight, and I've already been there twice. It's clean, spacious, and shopping there makes me feel like a gourmand. Of course I'm not a gourmand, but they don't have to know that. My favorite thing from Fresh Market so far is the mini coconut macaroon with a  bottom that's been dipped in chocolate. See below. They taste like chewy girl scout cookies, and I find them pretty much irresistible. 

chocolate-dipped-macaroon, coconut-cookie, fresh-market-cookies, fresh-market-macaroon

Last night's spinsterly adventure in Fresh Market yielded a package of these cookies, some Asian Pear Kombucha, a loaf of sourdough bread, some pineapple, and a sesame chicken breast. Not having to cook for anyone really has its perks. 

Back at home, I ate about a quarter of the chicken breast along with a cup of yogurt, a piece of sourdough bread, and a few mini macaroons. Spinsterhood means random dinner, and I'm not ashamed. As I ate, I tried to make sense of Game of Thrones (I'm struggling because everyone looks alike), and made a few fashion illustrations for the next coloring book. 

And that, spinsters, is how to spinster on a Monday night. Stay in the air conditioning, eat, draw, and watch TV. #LivingTheDream

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