WIP: Another Mermaid

Spinsters, if there's one thing that last night taught me, it's that I should never go to the grocery store hungry. Generally when I hear this advice I assume it's because going to the grocery store hungry results in a massive purchase. Unfortunately for me, things didn't really turn out that way. Last night I went to the store and bought the following: A dozen eggs, a package of Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies, Some Cherries, and a box of nine Bagel Bites. And do you know what I ate for dinner? A little bit of all of it except the eggs. Well, I take that back. There aren't any Bagel Bites left. It's a really good thing I'm not responsible for feeding other humans. Mark that up to another reason it's good to be a Spinster.

What yo use above is a terrifying work in progress. I'm making another Mermaid for Free Art Friday this week. Clearly I have only the skill level of a cave woman when it comes to facial features, but practice makes perfect! Check back Friday to see the finished product!

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