A Doodle and Some Links

Well, hello, and happy Monday! I spent most of the weekend lazing about and working on my most recent portrait. However, I did get some time to doodle on Friday night. So, here you go! A doodle that will potentially be in the next coloring book. I think it will be fashion-themed. 

Since this is a Spinster blog, I decided I'd share some links I found while spinstering this weekend. Hopefully, this will make easing into the workday I little easier. 

          Of course I'd like to populate the world with my own coloring books, but I have to admit this one looks really cute. 

          Pretty much everything in this shop is adorable, but the Cat Lady Club Badge is just perfect for spinsters. Check out this Fox vase, though. Pretty cute, right?

3. Check out these collaborative Drawings with a 4-Year-Old
          I love children's art, but this is some next-level stuff. Very cool and very cute.

4. My coworker, Anna, introduced me to #WorkspaceWednesday on Instagram. It's a fascinating peak into other people's working and creative lives. 

5. In my new Tumblr life, I happened upon Bouffants and Broken Hearts. Really cute stuff. 

6. Also in my Tumblr travels, I saw Julia Heffernan who has some amazing illustrations regarding the single life. Among my favorites are "Single Life Meal Plan" and "Staying In Is the New Going Out." So funny, so cute, and so true.

Ok...I know six is a weird number, but that's all I got. Happy Monday!

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