Adult Coloring Books!


Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, I went to purchase a book in person. Inspired by an interview by Terry Gross, I needed a copy of Diary of a Teenage Girl. Linking it just now, I realized I paid way more than I could have. However, I guess I do want to support authors, so, I don't feel that bad. 

In my search for a copy of Phoebe Gloeckner's graphic novel, I did come across quite a few amazing adult coloring books. Of course, I had to use the image of one of my own adult coloring books for the post, but there are so many amazing ones out there, I need to share them. 

Below you'll find a list!

          Winner of Amazon's Best of the Year So Far 2015 awards. It's real cute, guys. 

          It's fashion, it's cute animals. What's not to love? Of course, if you want straight-up fashion animals, then this coloring book is for you

          If you just can't get enough of that furniture. I'd like to have this one. 

          Every spinster and/or cat lady should have a copy of this one. 

          The premise is just too good. 

          The title is enough to get that $6.99 out of your wallet. Am I right? Of course I am. 

          Something tells me that people who weren't alive in the 1990s are buying this coloring book. But if you WERE alive, you'll know exactly what color to make that wind suit. 

8. Fashions of the First Ladies
          I don't know why, but I really love this one.

9. The Secret Garden
          I especially love this one because it's got a bit of foiling on the front cover. I love a little hit of metallic on my book covers.

10. Advanced Style The Coloring Book
          If you need to color some stylish senior citizens, Tavi Gevinson certainly approves.

I hope you find something here to love and enjoy! They all look pretty amazing to me!

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