Miranda's Neck

My spinsterhood allows me to dedicate a vast amount of thought to things other people might only notice in passing. One such thing is my baby dog Mirada's Neck. Miranda's neck is one of my favorite parts about her...well, other than her face, her cute little puppy rump, and her little paws. I pretty much love the whole dog. Well, not pretty much. I do love my whole dog. BUT one of the best parts is her neck. 

Why, you ask, do I love her neck? Well. She has this loose skin under her neck. Kind of like a waddle, except you can't always see it. It's not just dangling there. Sometimes when she sits up straight on the sofa  it looks like she has a double chin, but when she's just trotting about, you can't necessarily see it. But alas. This is one of the best places to pet Miranda. On that loose neck skin. It gives me cute aggression something fierce.

Enjoy your Thursday. You're welcome to spend a little extra time thinking about how weird spinsterhood can make a lady. #sorrynotsorry

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