Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spinster Shopping: Take Note!

I ate my cereal with a serving spoon this morning. My thirties are off to a great start. I am an adult, you guys, ok?

Now, it's been a while since we had a shopping guide, so I think back to school is the perfect excuse! this is actually one of my favorite times to shop. It's more exciting than it is least to me. Then again, I'm not starting a new school year, either. 

Today I've got a collection of things that will help you or your favorite student take some excellent notes, study, or write down when, exactly, that test is. So let's get started!

          I'm starting off the list with an item I think is probably more useful for the office than for school. Just because you have to file things doesn't mean they can't be cute!

          Dealing with your mistakes never looked so cute! These will make you feel like a jewel thief every time you open your pencil case. 

          For the Moleskine devotee, these come in really nice colors, including a soft pink. Have you ever looked at the #Moleskine hashtag on Instagram? It's pretty amazing. 

          For those of us who like an old fashioned pencil every now and then, these are a really cute option.

          Ok, these look amazing. They are markers, and they are erasable? I am I not going to order a set of these for myself? They'd also be really great for color coding notes or research in college. 

          I like the idea that this has a lot more space for scheduling than you regular planner. I guess you'd keep this on your desk, but the sheer expanse of each day in this book makes me feel a little less cramped.

          I love that they're  making really cute binders now. When I was in school, I feel like this was a fairly new concept, and there weren't that many options. Now, I think most stores make at least some variety of really cute binder, and it makes me want to buy them all. 

          I own two of these. The first one I bought Miranda ate the cap, so I bought another one for when the eraser runs out. Though these are really hard to find, they're pretty excellent. One end is a capped eraser, and on the other end, you flip open a little door, and there's a pencil sharpener that sharpens right into the middle chamber so you don't have to worry about finding a trash can immediately. I highly recommend these. They have them at Binders in a bunch of different colors, shapes, and prints (my first one featured a circus animal), but if you do a little searching, you can probably find some elsewhere as well. 

          For the color-coded note taker. These are just so clean and minimal. I'll take a set, thanks.

Now that you've got all the links, maybe it's time to treat yourself to some fresh office supplies. OR, if you're feeling especially kind, perhaps you should send a supply kit to your favorite college student.

Happy Wednesday!