#WIP Wednesday: A Pet Portrait

When you're an introverted spinster like I am, you've got quite a bit of time to yourself. If you've been following my Instagram (@Jonezee85) lately, then you know I've been using that time to paint a few portraits. In honor of #WIPWednesday (Work In Progress Wednesday), I thought I'd show you what I've been working on so far this week.

I've been making quick progress on this painting due to a fit of insomnia I decided to make productive. I sketched out this canvas and started painting the background somewhere between 2 and 4 AM on Monday night. If I'm not gonna get any sleep, I might as well be making something, right? 

A few months ago, I donated a portrait to Tapestry Public Charter School's fundraising auction. The woman who won the lot was a delight, and yesterday I delivered a portrait of her two sons. I rarely have the opportunity to hand-deliver one of my portraits, so seeing someone take the brown paper off one of my portraits for the first time was really gratifying and exciting. 

Hopefully soon I'll be able to give you a link to a portfolio website for Portrait information. Until then, you can check out the very-bare Etsy Spinster Store and message me there if you're interested in having  a portrait made for yourself!

To close out this post, I just have to show this picture of Miranda being curious about what I'm painting. I don't t think I could possibly love my dog any more. 

Happy Wednesday!

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