Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baskin Robbins, You Guys

Mom, don't read this post. Stop reading now. It is about your birthday, so please stop reading. Thank you.

Now, let's move on.

Admittedly the image above is not representative of Baskin Robbins, but it is an image from the new coloring book, and it includes cakes, so we're going to go with it.

Growing up, my dad would take us kids to get ice cream after Wednesday night church. Some times it was the Dairy Cream (note, not the Dairy Queen) near our house. Sadly, it is no longer in existence, but happily, it is now a Japanese takeaway place. So it's really a win-win. Baskin Robbins, though, was the answer more often than not. My dad loves ice cream, it must be genetic because I can't get enough.

Growing up, I think I was a rainbow sherbet girl, and I remember at lest once my sister getting an ice cream called gold medal ribbon. My brother? I believe if there was a licensed batman or spiderman flavor, that was what he got. In any case, it was always fun.

So, my mom said he wanted an ice cream cake for her birthday, and yesterday I called the ol' Baskin Robbins in Sumter. Firstly, it is clearly run by teenagers, and they did not have their business together. Secondly, they did not knowhow to put the phone on hold or mute, and I heard all their "this is not my job" conversations while I patiently waited for them to figure themselves out. It's going to take a  long time, kids. I'm at least ten years older than you are, and I'm still not finished, so just please take my order. Thank you.

Now, as strange as the service was, I did finally get my order in, though I will be stopping by to check on it this afternoon. I'm sure they got it all down, but this is a birthday, and you can't be too careful.

This morning I opened my computer to find the Baskin Robbins Cake Gallery still open on my screen. So, I decided to look at all their cakes, not just the birthday ones. They had some pretty cool stuff, so we need to talk about it below.

We'll start off mild and semi-classic. Look at this cake with baby cupcakes on top of it. You can choose any color combo you'd like, I believe, so maybe not blue and yellow? But cupcakes on top of an ice cream cake. How can you lose?

This next one - The Clown Cone Party Round - is kind of scary, but it's got scoops of ice cream on top. It's already an ice cream cake, but now you've got cones and clowns for that extra little crunch. Scary? Maybe scary good. 

If the clowns are too scary for you, this might be a better (and let's be honest - much cuter) option for you. You'll notice in the photo they've got the rainbow sherbet. And of course you've also noticed the mini ice cream cones. That's adorable. Because it's tiny. 

Ok, but this has got to be one of my favorites. It's a turkey ice cream cake. I cannot. I have no idea why I think this is so funny. It's obviously amazing, but why is it so funny to me? The world may never know. And you know what? I'm ok with that. 

What's that? A whole turkey of ice cream cake is too much for you? Well, fear not. You can always get just a turkey leg. Please tell me you're laughing out loud at your computer, too. 

To bring you down from that fit of laughter, I'll just inform youth Baskin Robbins apparently also does some really nice, really pretty cakes, too. Look at this one. Look at that Chocolate Fantasy. It even has some fancy chocolate art sticking out of that dollop of cream. 

I will say they didn't have the round panda cake I used to get for my birthdays. It was very upsetting. Bring it back, Baskin Robbins. 

All right, now that you have started your morning with some ice cream cake, I think we all know it's time you order one for lunch today. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

...And Getting Caught In The Rain

loungewear-coloring-page, adult-coloring-page
I'm not a big fan of coconut, so I assume I wouldn't be a fan of PiƱa Coladas. This morning, though, I discovered I'm also not a huge fan of getting caught in the rain.

Having listened to Rupert Holmes's "Escape" as many times as the next person, I always imagined getting caught in the rain to be fairly romantic. Two people could, you know, hold hands and run to a nearby covering or perhaps hold open newspapers over their heads. This morning, however, it was not so.

Miranda and I (the only couple I've been part of for quite some time), went on a walk this morning, and we got caught in the rain. At first it was just a mist, but by the time we were headed back (about an hour's walk away from my apartment, it started really coming down. It was raining so hard that I had to take my glasses off to see better...and I'm already pretty blind without my glasses. It was not romantic.

Oddly enough, the only thing running through my mind most of the time was the below Amy Winehouse song where she says "soaked to the soul." I think that was an apt depiction of how drenched I was when I got home.

The above coloring page is what I plan to wear until I actually feel dry from the shower I took about an hour ago.
Stay dry today!

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Coloring Page and Some News

adult-coloring-page, running-shoes, adult-coloring-book, walking-shoes

Today you get to see an image from the new coloring book. I chose this image because it's a bunch or walking and running shoes, and this morning I went on an extra long walk. I want on an extra long walk on a Monday morning because...get ready...I gave my notice at work two weeks ago, and today is my first day of my new adventure.

I didn't enter into this decision foolhardily. I have been been planning and putting certain things into place which will make this new part of my life much less terrifying. I started working in the fashion industry 2008 in New York. Since then I've taken very few days off and fewer legitimate vacations, and I decided it was time for me to take some time off to regroup and recoup. 

Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to sit around doing nothing. I have a bunch of portrait orders to fulfill, I've got two art shows in which I'm participating, and I've got some illustration projects on the to-do list as well. That being said, if you were thinking of commissioning a portrait as one of your christmas gifts, start gathering your info now! I'll need to have all orders in by the end of October if we want to have a chance of completing them by Christmas. 


On a completely different note, this morning's long walk with Miranda, I decided to take a new route to get away from the heavily-trafficked area I usually travel. The neighborhood has streets named things like Christmas Lane, Merry Lane, Reindeer Drive, and Holly Lane. While I couldn't help humming "Here Comes Santa Claus" under my breath, I also couldn't help noticing that I kept passing Orthodox Jews wearing special raincoats made to perfectly fit over their hats. It struck me as ironic that they would be living in this Christmas neighborhood, but I was also impressed with this highly-specialized rainwear. 

As I walked, I noticed there were shipping-crate-esque structures in various yards throughout the neighborhoods. I didn't feel like I was allowed to stop anyone walking past and ask them, but it was clear that this was some kind of holiday.

Walking on the sidewalk across from Congregation Beth Jacob, I saw a man reading on the sidewalk. I said hello as I walked past, and the man stopped me to ask a question. First, he asked if I was Jewish, and when I said I was not, he asked if I could help him with something. He told me that the building where he was meeting was too hot. So, Miranda and I went in, and we turned on the thermostat. And for some reason, that made my day. And, in case you were wondering, today is the celebration of Sukkot. That's why the needed this little goy and her puppy to help with the thermostat.

I hope your day includes a new adventure for you just like it did for Miranda and me. 

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The New Coloring Book Is Here

Well, Spinsters, I've finally finished putting the finishing touches on the newest coloring book. Hooray!

Color Me Fabulous Is now available for purchase on You'll also be able to find it very soon at Art in the House in Sumter, SC and later at Atlanta's Indie Craft Experience. For now, though, you can get your hands on the coloring book online. A word to the wise: google for a shipping coupon online before finalizing your purchase. I will never understand why this company charges so much for shipping.

Now for a song that's been stuck in my head for weeks.

Now, go forth and enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Packaged Patches

It's a rainy day here in Atlanta, and Miranda is cuddled up close to me on the couch. She likes to sit in such a way that as much of her little puppy body is pressed against me as possible. If she was a  human, I would thoroughly hate this. However, she's the cutest dog ever, so...I love it.

Usually, I'd be sad that it was a rainy day today, but the Muppets movie is about to come on the Disney Channel, and I need to digitally assemble my latest coloring book, so all of this is the perfect reason to stay indoors.

As an update to the last post, Above and below are some packaged patches!

I've made even more patches now than are pictured here, but now I'v also packaged them in these cute little "archival sleeves" I found at Michaels. I can't wait to have these at my table at Art in the House and Indie Craft Experience. 

I hope you have was happy a Saturday as I'm about to have.

Monday, September 21, 2015

More Patches and See You Soon!

Well, good morning! I am sad to say that I have come down with what may or may not be turning into a sinus infection. In addition to this, this will be a full week at work. So, I had to cut out something so I could get extra rest and sleep. Unfortunately, that was blogging this week. 

However, I must say that I did go to the Sandy Springs Arts Festival, and it was lots of fun. I got a free massage from a massage school, and I also bought a  much-needed bottle of local honey from Organic Mountains. It is divine. I've been eating it, though, in hopes that this cold was just allergies, but it the honey and all the other remedies I've tried so far haven't helped. Sigh. 

Above you'll see a photo of all the patches I worked on this weekend. Because my head felt like one big ball of pressure, Miranda was kind enough to sit next to me and let me watch TV instead of asking to play. These patches are the result of her kindness. I think they'll be a fun little addition to my craft fair table. If you're dying to have one right now, though, they're available on the Etsy Spinster Store! If you an wait until the craft show, I'm not making any promises, but there may be a little craft show discount...we shall see. 

Happy Monday! I'll see you in about a week!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spinster Food: Tiny Toast

I can't claim I forgot to go to the grocery store again because I did, in fact, go last night. However, I was on a specific mission. I had been invited to a girls' get together at the home of my dog park friend, Meredith. So, of course, I got cheese, melba toast, sparkling apple cider, and sparkling lemonade. Of course I didn't remember that I needed breakfast food. So, this morning, I'm having an impossibly fancy breakfast of miniature crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jam toast. If this weren't a result of my absent-mindedness, I might even feel a little gourmet.

Whenever I think about peanut butter and jelly, I'm reminded of the restaurant that was on the ground floor of the offices at Tommy Hilfiger. The place was called Wichcraft, and while it was a bit too expensive to eat every day, they did have an incredible triple-decker crunchy peanut butter and seasonal jam sandwich served on large slices of sourdough bread. Heavenly. I believe working at Tommy Hilfiger was when I remembered how delicious a pb&j could be. It was also when I was my skinniest. So...perhaps I should start eating that again.

I delivered a portrait last night to the party, but I also met some really cool people. One of the women there had met with the Long Island Medium herself, and the story was really cool. Additionally, there was some delicious food. And now we need to talk about that.

1. Garlic Cheese
          Whenever I go to a wine-and-cheese sort of event, I obviously don't bring wine because I don't drink wine and am therefore not in a position to choose wine. However, I do eat cheese, and I usually try to bring some of that. At the Fresh Market near my apartment, they have lots of cheeses from which to choose, and I am not a cheese expert, so I just chose flavor profiles I like. One of these happened to be a garlic cheese with a green rind. That's really all I remember about how it was named or looked. What I do remember, though, was that it was outstanding. It was a softer cheese - but not so soft as brie. I think it was probably a cow's milk cheese, but I'm just saying that because I don't like goat cheese and I did like this one...Whatever kind it was, though, it was delicious. So, if you're in the Fresh Market, get some.

2. Balsamic Cheese
          I brought another kind of cheese that said it was a balsamic cheese. I love balsamic vinegar with every taste bud on my palette. This was a harder cheese, and it was sitting with the parmesans, but I don't think it was a parmesan. This, too, was good, but the cheese award for the ones I picked up goes to the garlic cheese, hands down.

3. Ceviche Guacamole Dip
          The hostesses's best friend brought something I'd never had before, and I must say I absolutely loved it. I think it was something like the link above, but I'm not sure. It was dark. I just know it was very cilantro-limey, but it also had avocado and shrimp and probably tomatoes and some other things. Whatever it was, though, it was really good and fresh-tasting. I think this is a brilliant thing to bring to a party.

All right, spinsters. It is time for me to change into real clothes (of course I'm wearing my bathrobe as I write this) and head to an art fair in Sandy Springs. I shall report back to you with my findings.

Friday, September 18, 2015

My First Patch

I was talking to a coworker the other day about all the slogans I'd like to just wear emblazoned on my chest. The only problem is that I don't want to just be wearing tee shirts all the time. Then, she had the best idea ever: Iron-on patches.

After Ivy suggested iron-on I seemed to see patches and pins everywhere. Miss Moss had an article recently about pins, Stylecaster had this article about wearing patches like a Street Style Star, and Ellen DeGeneres's new collection for Gap Kids has a two packs of really cool patches. I can't seem to find the non-alphabet ones online, though. I guess you have to get those in stores.

My first patch here was custom made to Ivy's specifications. Of course it looks very hand made. And of course I had some learnings. (That white thing in the back is the peel-off part to the iron-on bit). In case you're thinking of making some patches, here are some of the learnings I have to share:

1. Chalk pencils don't really work on felt.
          I ended up having to use a Sharpie pen which created a little bit of a problem because then it needed to be covered up. I guess I should switch to the heat-dissolving markers.

2. Felt is Thick.
          So, this is obvious, of course. However, that means the instructions on the back of the Heat 'n' Bond package aren't necessarily correct for this particular fabric. You'll need more heat and more time than they suggest

3. I need to work on my lettering skills.
          But maybe it's at least a little charming that these letters look so home made

I'm sure there will be lots more to learn as I make more. Be looking for at least a few patches at my tables at the upcoming craft fairs! Hopefully by then I'll have it down to a science. Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spinstergram: Breakfast of

I've been watching a lot of Guy's Grocery Games lately, so obviously I'm learning a whole lot about presentation. this Smashed sweet potato on a white paper plate and seasoned with sea salt is really a great way for a spinster to start her day. What luxury! 

In all honesty, this is quite a tasty breakfast, and it was a great substitute for the cereal I apparently ran out of yesterday morning and didn't replace. I'm an awful roommate, which is why it's probably good I'm a spinster.

The recipe? Well, since you ask...

What you'll need:

1 Sweet potato
Saran Wrap
A Paper Plate
Some sea salt
A paper towel
a knife
a fork

What to do:

1. Wash your sweet potato in the sink
2. Wrap your sweet potato in saran wrap, ensuring there is no exposed potato skin.
3. Place your sweet potato on the paper plate. My paper plate was left over from when Megan was dog sitting and ordered Mellow Mushroom. Thanks, Megan.
4. Place your sweet potato in the microwave for six minutes. My sweet potato was probably medium-sized. I assume it may have taken longer if it had been larger.
5. When six minutes is up, remove your sweet potato from the microwave. It will be very hot.
6. Using kitchen scissors, cut the saran wrap off the sweet potato.
7. Cut an 'X' on the top of the sweet potato with a very sharp knife
8. With a paper towel, press down and toward the center on the ends of your sweet potato. This will start the smashing.
9. With a fork, mash up the potato even more.
10. Add salt to taste and mash even more to mix in the salt.
11. Enjoy on the sofa while your dog watches with her best begging face.

Now, see how much I've learned from Food Network? You're right. Not all that much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finally...Something a bit less personal

After yesterday's hyper-personal post, I think today you spinsters deserve something a little lighter. That is to say, the image you see above is the work-in-progress of the final image I needed to make the latest coloring book. Hooray! Today I'll start scanning in all the images, and hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have a coloring book on order.

The theme of this coloring book is going to be fashion and lifestyle. Since this is a Spinster blog, there won't be any men. Deal with it. It'll be a bunch of ladies, clothes, accessories, and activities. It will also be an excellent birthday or holiday gift.

I'll be ordering this book myself and selling it on my Etsy this time as I think the shipping for one book on Lulu is atrocious. If I order a bulk amount, I'll be able to reduce some of the cost of shipping for everyone.

If you'd rather preview the book in person, you're in luck! You can visit my table at one of these events. Click that link to see them. Not only will I have this coloring book available, but I'll also have the previous two coloring books along with a plethora of other goodies. Get excited! I know I am.

Now, I  must ready myself for an early-morning meeting. I hope you all have excellent Wednesdays!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Miranda, My Life Partner

This weekend I had a date with a guy who, though his haircut may have been a little questionable, was all the things on my checklist. I thought the date went well - we just had coffee, but it lasted for a while - but when we left, he didn't get my number. 

From there I went to Binders to pick up a few things, and I realized I'd had so much caffeine I was sweating and in total overdrive. I rarely drink coffee, and I'd had an iced mocha. Because I was in overdrive, I worried that the guy had thought I was insane because I was over caffeinated. Then, of, course, while having lunch with my friend Sara I recapped the whole date and how statistically impossible it seemed to have met someone who really met all my requirements. 

When I got home from lunch, I decided to just go ahead and read his question answers - which I hadn't done beforehand - to see if there was something seriously wrong with this guy that I'd missed. Nope. In fact, he answered one important question the same way I did, and on that particular question, that's really rare. 

Maybe it was all the caffeine that was making me overly enthusiastic or optimistic, but I was a little surprised when, by the end of the night, I hadn't received a "nice to meet you" message. Not everyone does it, but when you have a good rapport with someone, it has been known to happen. 

The next day I kept the nursery at church then had lunch with an artist who lives in my complex and her husband, and I thought they were great. I wasn't over caffeinated. They are legitimately awesome.  When I got home from lunch, though, there was still no message. 

I set to working on one of the portraits I have on deck, and of course this gave me more time to think. I decided that, even though I would be breaking my own protocol, I would send the "nice to meet you" message. So, I did. It literally said something like "nice to meet you, I hope your weekend's turned out great!"

I'll stop boring you with the details of ever time I  checked my phone after that, but it was a little obsessive. I generally advise other friends to give the guy the three days they all seem to take to respond to you, but somehow I had a lapse in sanity. Again, at this point, I was back to only drinking water. I will say, though, there may have been other contributing factors that made me want to focus on this. Like, say, the fact that this will be a particularly busy week at work. 

Well, this morning I woke up, and there was a message. From the title of this post, I'm sure you can imagine the sort of thing it said. It managed to make the effort to be polite while somehow also being condescending. I think it's hard to avoid that, though, in a rejection message. 

I'll try my best not to waste my time thinking about what I could have done differently. There are any number of reasons one person may not want to date another. I've certainly had that feeling before, and I've also been on this end of the equation before - with 95% of guys I've ever "like-liked." I'm lucky, though. Or, if we're going to go cheesy Instagram with this, I'm #Blessed. Why? Because I have the best life partner a Spinster could want. Look at that face. She's the cutest, best, and sweetest, and she never tries to talk to me in the middle of a TV show. Sure, she whines sometimes, and she did wake me up mooing like a cow the other morning (according to google this is, in fact a thing), but Miranda is the best little dog in the world, and I love her. Maybe we should all start taking to PetFinder instead of OK Cupid, Hinge, Tinder, or what have you. 

I hope your Tuesday is excellent. I'll be taking my life partner to doggy daycare so she can have fun all day long. She deserves it for being the best.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Bathrobes and a Cute Video

Above you'll see one of the images I'm still working on for the new coloring book. It's Bathrobes, slippers, and sleep masks. A Spinster's dream. the good news is this: I only need three more images to make my 50-page book. Hooray!

You'll also see that I've got a Milan triangular eraser there. It's because I really like it. You know what else I like? this video. It, for some reason, really makes me happy. It also makes me laugh. Enjoy!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Cape and Some Thoughts

Part of the reason I'm a Spinster is that when I think of Friday night, I imagine myself ordering takeout, watching Netflix, and working on some sort of creative project. Alone. After a week of being around other people at work, the most exciting thing I can think of is a night with just Miranda. So, of course, that's what I did last night.

My creative project was one for my goddaughter. She's turning three tomorrow, and she loves to dress up. So I decided she positively needed a cape for all her imaginative play. Last night I hemmed the cape and put on the finishing touches - some iron-on sequin-and-bead butterflies, and packaged it up to send in the mail. Then, of course, I needed to try it on. I'm hoping this cape will be about knee length on a three year old. I'm very excited to see what she decides to play in this thing.

While I was working on the cape last night, I had a few thoughts, and I thought I'd share them. So, here are some Saturday morning thoughts to get you going.

1. On Drawstrings:
          One of the worst things that could happen to you as the owner of a drawstring garment is that drawstring actually coming out. Since I knew that was a great possibility with this cape, I took a little trick out of my children swear book. If you're tired of or worried about the drawstring of your garment coming out, all you need to do is put a little stitch through the center back of the drawstring. That way, your garment is still adjustable, but the drawstring won't come out.

2. In case you now find yourself with an incredible need for a children's cape, here are some I found on Etsy:

          - Forest Green Velvet Cape from Starlites Child

          - Reversible Blank Superhero Cape from SuperKids Capes (and it's only $19.99!)

          - Girls Superhero Cape: $35 from Applesauce LLC

          - Child's Cape for Halloween: $25, Picket Fence Boutique

          - Dinosaur Cape: $14.99, Capes and More

3. Glitter Tulle.
          I went to Hancock Fabrics yesterday before I commenced finishing the cape project. While there, I took a stroll down the aisle with tulle in it. can I just say that I love some glitter tulle? I especially like e ones that have different sizes of glitter on them. It's just so...fancy! Also, it makes me want to wear a tutu. However, I think Anne Hathaway managed to pull it off with style and grace that showed she was an adult and not a child.

Well, it's off to the post office with me! Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Spinster Shopping: Sparkle Back To School

It's Friday, and I think that's cause for celebration. I also think it's cause for a little online shopping. Today's theme? Sparkle back to school. However, you don't have to be going back to school to enjoy these delightful items. 

Let's get started!

          If your life involves binders in any way, I think you need one of these. It just makes organization just a little more exciting. 

          Think how snazzy the inside of your locker could be with this incredible glitter magnet. 

          I really feel like I would want to wear these guys every day. They're very cute and very wearable.

          I must be honest. These glitter highlighters are the main reason I made today's shopping guide. I mean, look at them! They are amazing. You positively need these in your life. At least I'm sure I do.

          I love this store. I especially love how thee are called "Unicorn Morning Mist" earrings. That's how I would describe them.

          I love these. I don't like talking on the phone, but I'd probably want to be on mine a lot more if it were glittery in a way that wouldn't get all over my purse. And I'm not talking any of that metallic fabric business. 

          I think there are an insane number of uses for these stickers. They're hearts and they're glittery. Excellent. 

          You might need to be a bit more into that kawaii life to wear these, but I think they're adorable. If I were inclined to make a little more effort when I get dressed, then I might try to go back to high school and wear these in my hair all day every day.

          Now, I've gone digital with all my planner needs, but it has come to my attention that many a lady is really into her  IRL planner. These are some cute stickers to signify extra glittery and/or exciting days.

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hooray! Big News for the Spinster!

Spinsters! I have huge news. I just got an email this morning that I have been accepted as a vendor at this year's ICE Holiday Shopping Spectacular! What's ICE? Remember when I told you about Indie Craft Experience? Well, this time I won't be shopping at it - I'll be selling! 

I'll be sharing a table with my friend and amazing illustrator, Anna Oh. Click that link and check out her stuff! 

I will, of course, have some coloring books available for sale as well as some stationary and the like. Get yourselves ready! I'm super excited. 

So, if you live in the Atlanta area or can make arrangements to be in town the weekend of November 21 and 22, please come to ICE and drop by our booth! We'll have some items that will make excellent holiday gifts!

Put it in your Google calendar now...but don't worry. I'll remind you again when the time comes.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Audible Spinstering: Butterfly in the Typewriter

One of the first extra curricular books I ever read as an adult was John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces. My boyfriend at the time bought it for me for twenty-five cents at a junk store, and I read it between my Medieval History classes. Years later, riding the subway in New York, I was reading the book again, only to find that three other people in my train car were also reading Toole's posthumous success. But this book is much loved by all, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.

Seeing The End Of The Tour made me wonder what sort of similarities there might be between David Foster Wallace and John Kennedy Toole. For one thing, they were both three-namers. And then, of course, they were both award-winning authors who met untimely demises by their own hands. Other than that, though, I knew next to nothing about John Kennedy Toole. So, I searched for a book on his life.

Before my search, I'd never heard of Butterfly in the Typewriter. It seems I'd heard that Toole was much like his fictional hero, Ignatius Reilly. As I learned in the book, however, this wasn't quite the truth. According to the photos I found as well as the accounts contained in the book, Toole wasn't actually obese or, really, very out of touch with reality. If anything, he was very attuned to reality and had taken trips to New York in his own automobile, to say nothing of a Scenicruiser.

I won't summarize the book in its entirety in case you'd like to have the pleasure of reading - or listening to - it for yourself. I will say, though, that one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the book was the personality of Toole's mother, Thelma, who was the driving force behind A Confederacy of Dunces' publication. There are more than a few similarities between her and Irene Reilly, though I doubt she spent her evenings drinking at a dimly-lit kitchen table with "that Battaglia strumpet."

If you haven't read A Confederacy of Dunces, I highly recommend you do so. If you have read A Confederacy of Dunces and are interested in knowing more about its clever and entertaining author, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Butterfly in the Typewriter. It is sad, informative, and often entertaining. I do recommend it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Two Inventions I need Right Now

Yesterday in my car I heard a program on NPR discussing the future of work as it relates to technology. The voice on my radio was asking questions about what jobs we could eventually cede to a robot population, and which occupations should really be the sole territory of humans. Sure, I'd love to have a robot do every task I loath. For one thing, if I could figure out how to make a robot eat right and exercise for me, I'd go ahead and hook myself up to the Matrix. However, I think we all recognize that increased technology presents a problem for we mere mortals: how are we going to afford all these wonderful conveniences and the power required to animate them if there aren't any jobs left for us to earn an income?

While I absolutely don't know the answer to this, I do have two inventions I'd really like to add to the pile of imaginary future time-savers and life-improvers. So, if you're an inventor, please feel free to take my ideas. Just make sure they're available on the market before I die. I'd really like to have one of each.

The first invention I think I need is the one that inspired today's imagery. Of course, this is actually an image from my sketchbook that I'll be using in the next coloring book, but it does relate. The thing is, I'd like to be able to draw some clothing and then just peel it off the page.

Now, before you tell me about the 3Doodler (which is absolutely amazing), I must tell you that I'd mostly want to use this idea for underwear and tee shirts. Every woman has that day when she wakes up for work and realizes that she has plenty of clean underwear, but none of them are the ones she wants to wear. If I could just trace the pair I really like and then draw the print I want onto it, then this would be solved, and I would be able to put off doing laundry for another day.

Optitex has a software that helps make 3D virtual prototypes. So, I feel like if Optitex and 3Doodler (or possibly just a regular 3D printer) could get together on this, then I'd be in business. 3D printed underwear does already exist, but I have a feeling creating it (at least at this point) isn't so easy as I was hoping.

Onto the next invention.

This one is really the one I'm hoping will exist in my lifetime. You've heard me rave about Tool Time's Man's Kitchen, but what if we took it one step further? What if there was a way to actually keep your home tidy without having to completely hose it down? Well, that's my idea.

So, let's say you're moving into a new place. Or maybe you've just redecorate. Or maybe your mom just came over and put everything away like my mom sometimes has to...I'm an adult, ok? Well, with this idea, you could essentially take a 3D screenshot of your entire home, with everything exactly where it should be. This thing would catalog all the things in your home and where you'd like to them to be. Then, whenever you need to tidy up before guests came, you could just push a button, and everything would go back to the place where it belongs. voila! Of course, you'd want to stay out of the way to avoid being hit by flying objects.

There would be an additional function which would essentially allow you to search for anything in your home just by typing in what it is. You could either see it on a screen, or you could summon the item to you.

The only problem I can see with this is if it ever went on the fritz. You might be watching tv one day and all of a sudden be hit with a pile of laundry. And that's probably the best case scenario.

Now, inventors, this is my call to arms (or pens....or computers). Please make these happen before I die. We've probably got an absolute maximum of 60 years left for me to live, so hurry up. I don't want to wast my life cleaning. Also, can we make this solar powered? Or wind powered? something where I don't have to pay much to keep it going?

Thank you!

Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm Baaack! With a Unicorn Picture

So, I'm back from New York. In fact, I've been back for a few days now. However, I've been recuperating and therefore haven't written anything in these diaries. In case you were wondering what I did in New York, I've posted a picture for you here. there was a pillow with reversible sequins at ABC Home, and I made a little unicorn on it. You're welcome, world.

My brain is still on the mend, even though the things I used the most were my feet. I'm here to tell you I walked ten miles a day while I was there. In case you're wondering, that's way more than I walked every day when I actually lived in New York. Don't worry.

Since my brain is still mending, though (see? I keep getting side tracked), I'm just going to share some links with you today. My guess is that you're probably enjoying your holiday, and you don't want to think too hard, either.

1. ABC Home's Jewelry never fails to impress me. I'll take all the rings, please. Thank you.

2. Last time I was in New York, some friends told me about Fiverr. Well, if you want an excellent five  dollar digital portrait, get one from Harry! I can get it printed out and frame it yourself, and that's a pretty darn good value. If you want more than just black and white, it can be $15, but still...that's such a good value. So, click here to check it out. You need one.

3. I went into Flying Tiger for the first time while I was in New York, and I loved it. Just thought I'd share.

4. I don't know when I started following Will Costa Illustration on Instagram, but he's got some seriously cool stuff.

5. Lastly, if you live in Sumter, SC or anywhere near, you should come check out Art in the House this October. I'll have a table with some coloring books and some paintings, and Jill Jones Monograms will be there, too.

So, enjoy! Happy Labor Day!