A Cape and Some Thoughts

Part of the reason I'm a Spinster is that when I think of Friday night, I imagine myself ordering takeout, watching Netflix, and working on some sort of creative project. Alone. After a week of being around other people at work, the most exciting thing I can think of is a night with just Miranda. So, of course, that's what I did last night.

My creative project was one for my goddaughter. She's turning three tomorrow, and she loves to dress up. So I decided she positively needed a cape for all her imaginative play. Last night I hemmed the cape and put on the finishing touches - some iron-on sequin-and-bead butterflies, and packaged it up to send in the mail. Then, of course, I needed to try it on. I'm hoping this cape will be about knee length on a three year old. I'm very excited to see what she decides to play in this thing.

While I was working on the cape last night, I had a few thoughts, and I thought I'd share them. So, here are some Saturday morning thoughts to get you going.

1. On Drawstrings:
          One of the worst things that could happen to you as the owner of a drawstring garment is that drawstring actually coming out. Since I knew that was a great possibility with this cape, I took a little trick out of my children swear book. If you're tired of or worried about the drawstring of your garment coming out, all you need to do is put a little stitch through the center back of the drawstring. That way, your garment is still adjustable, but the drawstring won't come out.

2. In case you now find yourself with an incredible need for a children's cape, here are some I found on Etsy:

          - Forest Green Velvet Cape from Starlites Child

          - Reversible Blank Superhero Cape from SuperKids Capes (and it's only $19.99!)

          - Girls Superhero Cape: $35 from Applesauce LLC

          - Child's Cape for Halloween: $25, Picket Fence Boutique

          - Dinosaur Cape: $14.99, Capes and More

3. Glitter Tulle.
          I went to Hancock Fabrics yesterday before I commenced finishing the cape project. While there, I took a stroll down the aisle with tulle in it. can I just say that I love some glitter tulle? I especially like e ones that have different sizes of glitter on them. It's just so...fancy! Also, it makes me want to wear a tutu. However, I think Anne Hathaway managed to pull it off with style and grace that showed she was an adult and not a child.

Well, it's off to the post office with me! Happy Saturday!

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