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Today you get to see an image from the new coloring book. I chose this image because it's a bunch or walking and running shoes, and this morning I went on an extra long walk. I want on an extra long walk on a Monday morning because...get ready...I gave my notice at work two weeks ago, and today is my first day of my new adventure.

I didn't enter into this decision foolhardily. I have been been planning and putting certain things into place which will make this new part of my life much less terrifying. I started working in the fashion industry 2008 in New York. Since then I've taken very few days off and fewer legitimate vacations, and I decided it was time for me to take some time off to regroup and recoup. 

Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to sit around doing nothing. I have a bunch of portrait orders to fulfill, I've got two art shows in which I'm participating, and I've got some illustration projects on the to-do list as well. That being said, if you were thinking of commissioning a portrait as one of your christmas gifts, start gathering your info now! I'll need to have all orders in by the end of October if we want to have a chance of completing them by Christmas. 


On a completely different note, this morning's long walk with Miranda, I decided to take a new route to get away from the heavily-trafficked area I usually travel. The neighborhood has streets named things like Christmas Lane, Merry Lane, Reindeer Drive, and Holly Lane. While I couldn't help humming "Here Comes Santa Claus" under my breath, I also couldn't help noticing that I kept passing Orthodox Jews wearing special raincoats made to perfectly fit over their hats. It struck me as ironic that they would be living in this Christmas neighborhood, but I was also impressed with this highly-specialized rainwear. 

As I walked, I noticed there were shipping-crate-esque structures in various yards throughout the neighborhoods. I didn't feel like I was allowed to stop anyone walking past and ask them, but it was clear that this was some kind of holiday.

Walking on the sidewalk across from Congregation Beth Jacob, I saw a man reading on the sidewalk. I said hello as I walked past, and the man stopped me to ask a question. First, he asked if I was Jewish, and when I said I was not, he asked if I could help him with something. He told me that the building where he was meeting was too hot. So, Miranda and I went in, and we turned on the thermostat. And for some reason, that made my day. And, in case you were wondering, today is the celebration of Sukkot. That's why the needed this little goy and her puppy to help with the thermostat.

I hope your day includes a new adventure for you just like it did for Miranda and me. 

Happy Monday!

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