Finally...Something a bit less personal

After yesterday's hyper-personal post, I think today you spinsters deserve something a little lighter. That is to say, the image you see above is the work-in-progress of the final image I needed to make the latest coloring book. Hooray! Today I'll start scanning in all the images, and hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have a coloring book on order.

The theme of this coloring book is going to be fashion and lifestyle. Since this is a Spinster blog, there won't be any men. Deal with it. It'll be a bunch of ladies, clothes, accessories, and activities. It will also be an excellent birthday or holiday gift.

I'll be ordering this book myself and selling it on my Etsy this time as I think the shipping for one book on Lulu is atrocious. If I order a bulk amount, I'll be able to reduce some of the cost of shipping for everyone.

If you'd rather preview the book in person, you're in luck! You can visit my table at one of these events. Click that link to see them. Not only will I have this coloring book available, but I'll also have the previous two coloring books along with a plethora of other goodies. Get excited! I know I am.

Now, I  must ready myself for an early-morning meeting. I hope you all have excellent Wednesdays!

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