I'm Baaack! With a Unicorn Picture

So, I'm back from New York. In fact, I've been back for a few days now. However, I've been recuperating and therefore haven't written anything in these diaries. In case you were wondering what I did in New York, I've posted a picture for you here. there was a pillow with reversible sequins at ABC Home, and I made a little unicorn on it. You're welcome, world.

My brain is still on the mend, even though the things I used the most were my feet. I'm here to tell you I walked ten miles a day while I was there. In case you're wondering, that's way more than I walked every day when I actually lived in New York. Don't worry.

Since my brain is still mending, though (see? I keep getting side tracked), I'm just going to share some links with you today. My guess is that you're probably enjoying your holiday, and you don't want to think too hard, either.

1. ABC Home's Jewelry never fails to impress me. I'll take all the rings, please. Thank you.

2. Last time I was in New York, some friends told me about Fiverr. Well, if you want an excellent five  dollar digital portrait, get one from Harry! I mean...you can get it printed out and frame it yourself, and that's a pretty darn good value. If you want more than just black and white, it can be more...like $15, but still...that's such a good value. So, click here to check it out. You need one.

3. I went into Flying Tiger for the first time while I was in New York, and I loved it. Just thought I'd share.

4. I don't know when I started following Will Costa Illustration on Instagram, but he's got some seriously cool stuff.

5. Lastly, if you live in Sumter, SC or anywhere near, you should come check out Art in the House this October. I'll have a table with some coloring books and some paintings, and Jill Jones Monograms will be there, too.

So, enjoy! Happy Labor Day!

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