Packaged Patches

It's a rainy day here in Atlanta, and Miranda is cuddled up close to me on the couch. She likes to sit in such a way that as much of her little puppy body is pressed against me as possible. If she was a  human, I would thoroughly hate this. However, she's the cutest dog ever, so...I love it.

Usually, I'd be sad that it was a rainy day today, but the Muppets movie is about to come on the Disney Channel, and I need to digitally assemble my latest coloring book, so all of this is the perfect reason to stay indoors.

As an update to the last post, Above and below are some packaged patches!

I've made even more patches now than are pictured here, but now I'v also packaged them in these cute little "archival sleeves" I found at Michaels. I can't wait to have these at my table at Art in the House and Indie Craft Experience. 

I hope you have was happy a Saturday as I'm about to have.

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