Spinstergram: Breakfast of Champions...er...Spinsters

I've been watching a lot of Guy's Grocery Games lately, so obviously I'm learning a whole lot about presentation. this Smashed sweet potato on a white paper plate and seasoned with sea salt is really a great way for a spinster to start her day. What luxury! 

In all honesty, this is quite a tasty breakfast, and it was a great substitute for the cereal I apparently ran out of yesterday morning and didn't replace. I'm an awful roommate, which is why it's probably good I'm a spinster.

The recipe? Well, since you ask...

What you'll need:

1 Sweet potato
Saran Wrap
A Paper Plate
Some sea salt
A paper towel
a knife
a fork

What to do:

1. Wash your sweet potato in the sink
2. Wrap your sweet potato in saran wrap, ensuring there is no exposed potato skin.
3. Place your sweet potato on the paper plate. My paper plate was left over from when Megan was dog sitting and ordered Mellow Mushroom. Thanks, Megan.
4. Place your sweet potato in the microwave for six minutes. My sweet potato was probably medium-sized. I assume it may have taken longer if it had been larger.
5. When six minutes is up, remove your sweet potato from the microwave. It will be very hot.
6. Using kitchen scissors, cut the saran wrap off the sweet potato.
7. Cut an 'X' on the top of the sweet potato with a very sharp knife
8. With a paper towel, press down and toward the center on the ends of your sweet potato. This will start the smashing.
9. With a fork, mash up the potato even more.
10. Add salt to taste and mash even more to mix in the salt.
11. Enjoy on the sofa while your dog watches with her best begging face.

Now, see how much I've learned from Food Network? You're right. Not all that much.

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