A Woman After My Own Heart

Well, spinsters, I made it back to Atlanta in one piece, and I even brought my new nightstand upstairs last night. Above is a photo in case you were wondering what random bedding I had put on my bed before I left Atlanta. That's Crazy Rich Asians on the bedside table, and I am loving it so much so far. However, I will wait to write a full review until I've actually finished it.

That lamp is from Sumter Lighting and Home. I went there this weekend, and I was blown away. I daresay that store is as well put together as any in which I shopped in Chelsea. The website really doesn't do it any justice.

Now, In case you were wondering if I got on the news about the flood, I did not. however, the woman in the below video pretty  much did everything I would have done - especially the part about the pizza. Well, and of course her dog. I hope this gets attuned soon. Enjoy!

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