Friday, October 9, 2015

#FAFATL and This Weird Dream I Had Last Night

So, I haven't done Free Art Friday in a while, and I believe I'll have the chance to drop something today. So, here's one of the little human heads I made a while back and have been meaning to post. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram to see where it lands!

Now, if you hate reading other people's dreams, then just stop reading now. This is a short one, but it was a dream specifically about this blog, so I had to share.

I was with my childhood friend Macky, and we were eating popcorn off the floor at her parents' new house. Then we went outside, and there was some sort of festival going on. At the end of our travels around the city (I don't know what city, but I seemed to think it was Charleston), there was a bar in which they were having a meet-up. Part of this festival was all about meet-ups, so that in itself wasn't that weird.  The weird part was that it was a Spinsterhood Diaries meet-up, and I had nothing to do with it.

There was a girl walking around giving out goodie bags related to The Spinsterhood Diaries, but the colors were all wrong. People were definitely there for this Spinsterhood Diaries and not another one. So, I walked in and introduced myself as the author and illustrator of this blog. And no one cared. They liked the blog but didn't care to meet its author. 

So, then I felt weird, and I went outside, and I lost my shoe. And Macky turned into Meredith. 

The end. That was such a weird dream.

Happy Friday!