Monday Spinstering and some DIY Links

When I embarked on my new life outside of the corporate world, I thought I'd have a lot more free time on my hands. I didn't anticipate that I'd move seamlessly into full time art making. It's a delightful surprise to have so much work to do! I've been painting pretty much nonstop since I came back from the flood in South Carolina. While I was waiting for the flood waters to recede, though, I had a different idea of what my days would look like. And so, I pinned a lot of pins.

As a spinster, I'd like to think I can do just about anything anyone else can do. However, life experience, and my sculpture class in college have taught me that I'm not really a great carpenter. It's too exact a science, and I don't have the patience for most things so finite. Given half the chance, though, I like to forget these facts.

Today, I'd like to share some of my DIY pins so you can either laugh with me at my ridiculous ambition or gain some inspiration from my Pinterest. Let's do this.

1. Floating Night Stand:
          This is a great way to pay less for a night stand...if you just buy a wooden box instead of making one. However, if I did this, I guarantee every book, glass, phone, or pair of spectacles I set on it would slide right off.

2. Papier Mache Table:
          (Notice how I spelled it like that one Seinfeld episode. Just imagine me saying it like that. ) I could theoretically achieve this, but it would look like a hot mess. And, tbh, I'm not sure I think the one in the DIY article doesn't also look like a hot mess.

3. Murphy Desk:
          Ok, this is an adorable idea. I love it. It would have been especially great in any one of the places I lived in New York. However, if I had a murphy desk, it would stay perpetually open because I'd never clean it off. So...that kind of ruins the whole point.

4. Glow Resin Table:
          This is beautiful, but I have tried to make resin coasters and jewelry, and I can't even do those right. So, I think it's safe to say the table would be a disaster.

5. Industrial Coffee Table:
          I can assemble the pipes, but I need help with the top. Anyone?

For now, I'll stick to painting. If you want to make me a table, though, please feel free!

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