Spinstergram: Craft Show: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the craft show, and I think it went pretty well. Mom wasn't able to make it, so I halfway set up her table and hoped for the best. Even though she wasn't there, she got two orders anyway!

Above you'll see a poorly-taken photo of my booth. I hope to get a better one today. I'm in front of two windows, so it's a little hard to position my sample portraits correctly. However, People are taking cards, so I think that's good.

Now, the best news is this: I've already made back my booth fee, so from here on out, it's all fun! The watercolor cards are selling best, by far, and I'm afraid I may run out today - which is the best result I could hope for. I'll take note for the upcoming Indie Craft Experience and make sure I have a lot more.

As far as the other vendors go, I have to say that far and away a woman who has pretty decorated cookies is selling the most. She said she's already run out of all of her University of South Carolina cookies. That doesn't surprise me because I went to USC, and I love cookies...though I'm not the one who bought or ate all of them.

If you live in the Sumter, SC area, come stop by today or this weekend! If you come around lunch time, you may just witness me eating a home made peanut butter and jelly sandwich from a ziploc bag. And isn't that what you always wanted? I thought so.

Here's a link to the postcard with all the info!

I'll keep you updated, and hopefully I'll have a better photo tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

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