Spinstergram: Granny Shoes

Yesterday was a slow day for me at the craft show. However, I did have the opportunity to meet quite a few interesting characters. There was the lady whose feet are pictured above. She was a senior citizen who had purchased these super hip shoes from the Nike website because the black and white spotted shows with red linings that she originally wanted were out of stock. She said she buys so many shoes that she has to give some away periodically just to make room for the new ones she's buying. #lifegoals. 

I also met an older gentleman who teaches dance classes and says he can break dance and sing gospel music, too. He even gave us a little sample of his tango dancing right there in front of my table. He was also full of jokes...the kind that make you laugh, but not the way the performer intended. This man was amazing, and I must admit, he was quite spry. 

I'm hoping that today brings a little more foot traffic and business, but in case it doesn't, I've got this photo in my phone to keep me busy. 

Miranda just needed to wear this little collar mom found at my grandmother's house. I think it suits her quite nicely. However, she won't be wearing it for any period of time because...well, she has a history of eating leashes and harnesses, so we don't want to risk it. 

I hope you have a glorious Saturday! The weather here in SC is excellent, and today there are two art events right across the street from each other: Art in the Park (at Memorial park) and Art in the House (on Salem Street) So, stop by both! 

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