WIP: Puppy Paintings

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It's Tuesday, and I've been hustling and bustling around my apartment getting ready for Art in the House this weekend. For my table, I've got quite a few different things: watercolor greeting cards, iron on patches, and coloring books. Since I can't actually sell portraits at my table before they've been commissioned, I decided to paint a couple of sample portraits for display. What's cuter than baby animals? So, I chose puppies.

The images you see here are pretty much finished. They need a little touch-ups, and the one on the left is still wet, of course. I'm interested to see what sort of reaction these get at the show.

While I've been working, I've been catching up on This American Life, the first season of How To Get Away With Murder, and now The Great British Bake Off. I recommend them all...except if you are squeamish or easily offended, then don't watch How To Get Away With Murder.

All right. It's back to work with me. Happy Tuesday!

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