A Coloring Page and Crazy Rich Asians

Usually for a book review, I would draw a portrait of the author, but I have been significantly less disciplined lately about actually sitting down to my computer and drawing. That may be because I don't have a gigantic computer screen at my disposal anymore. So, today you get a coloring page of what I think we should all do on this rainy Saturday morning. Just substitute that bowl of popcorn for a box of crayons and this coloring page!

Now, for the book review.

Yesterday I finally finished reading Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians, and I must say this book was a delight. Set mostly in Singapore but with brief trips to Australia, New York, Hong Kong, and a few other Southeast Asian countries, this book was not only entertaining but also quite educational about some parts of the world I have never visited. Kwan even affords his readers some lessons in vocabulary and Singaporean colloquialisms. 

Aside from the educational aspect for me, this story played out with an excellent combination of personal drama and descriptions fit for an Audrey Hepburn movie. I can easily see this becoming a hit film, especially with the party scenes and one particular dressing room montage at a couture stylist's shop. 

I fully enjoyed this book, and I can't recommend it enough. The only downside is that when you're finished reading it, you'll want to travel, shop, and eat. Two thumbs up from me!

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