A Coloring Page and The Next Book I Want to Read

I'm still working away at the Atlanta Coloring book, and it is still a huge challenge. So, while I still work on that, I thought I would give you another image from the most recent coloring book. And...well, because it ties into what I'm going to tell you next.

This morning I was watching videos on YouTube, and I kept seeing the same advertisement for Good Morning America's interview with Leah Remini on her new book, Troublemaker,  and her break with Scientology. I love to hear about stuff like this. So, I - even though I am a Today Show devotee - turned on Good Morning America. 

I'm guessing you like to hear stuff like this, too. So, here's a longer video from 20/20.  The book is coming out tomorrow, and you better believe it's in my Audible wish list. I'll get back to you once I've finished listening.

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