A Coloring Page and Some Videos

So, this is a random coloring page from the last coloring book. I just thought you might need to do some coloring today since I got side tracked yesterday with shipping packages and the like and didn't post. But also, I watched too many YouTube videos yesterday morning and had to get straight to work once I was finished. Sorry, spinsters. 

Now, since I've been watching all of the YouTube videos, I thought I'd share two of the ones I liked the best this past week. First, there's one from Ellen I just can't get enough of. I rematched it this morning, and it was almost too much. I love this child. 

Here, watch for yourself: 

Secondly, there's this guy who totally gets why I hate camping. He hates camping, too.

Lastly, if you haven't seen this year's installment of Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween candy challenge, Please see below:

Now, go forth and enjoy your Wednesday.

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