Gift Guide: For the Hostess with the Mostest

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Well, it's official. We've got less than a month until Christmas. AND, tomorrow is Cyber Monday. So, I thought it was high time I made my first gift guide of the season. Since this is one of the biggest party times of the year, I thought we could kick things off with some party supplies for your favorite hostess. So, let's get started!

1. Crepe Paper Flowers - Pink Anemone: $36 for 6 flowers, Flower Bazaar on Etsy
          Make sure your hostess's table is always well-decorated with these flowers that will never die. I went back and forth between cool faux flowers that fit in a vase and those amazing extra-large paper flowers. In the end I went with these because they won't cause a storage issue.

2. Chalkboard Banner: $4.47, Walmart
          With 24 pieces to this banner, your party pal can spell out just about anything. What's extra cool is that she can erase the letters when each party is done, and she can reuse this banner the next time. Include some chalk markers in the gift, and he or she's even got color options!

3. Mini Glitter Crown Party hat: $4.20, The Royal Touch on Etsy
          I think these are adorable. They come with thin elastic, but you can also switch that out for a headband if you like. These are a super cute party hat alternative.

4. Corkscrew Pocket Knife: $5, J.Crew Factory
          Help your hostess to be ever-prepared, even when she isn't hosting! This little tool is small enough to carry when she's a guest to someone else's soiree.

5. Turnt Double Old Fashioned: $7.50, Fish's Eddy
          While these would be really great at a party, I can just imagine myself sitting on the sofa in my bathrobe drinking white grape juice out of this glass...being the opposite of turnt. I like it. I like it a lot.

6. Chocolate Fountain: $39.99, Bed Bath and Beyond
          I actually own a chocolate fountain, and it is quite the crowd pleaser. You can find these in a range of prices - from $19.99 to over $300. It just depends on your commitment to chocolate. My commitment is pretty strong.

7. Kraft Gold Star Large Plates: $7.95, Swoosie's
          I like a paper plate with a little bit of shine. I've posted here the largest since, but there are two smaller options as well. These are great because they can be paired with pretty much any bring color and be a really nice neutral element.

8. Pineapple Ice Bucket: $69.95, CB2
          While this may seem a little random, I think ice bucket ownership is one of the true marks of adulthood. Add some fancy ice tongs to finish off the gift.

9. Gold Tray: $14.99, Target
          Nothing says service like a tray. Can's you just see this with an assortment of delicious desserts? When your giftee is not hosting an event, it's a great coffee table topper...or if she's super fancy, she can eat her breakfast in bed from this golden tray.

All right, spinsters. Now, get to shopping. You can do it!

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