The Spinster as a Busy Bee

There are now only a couple of weeks left until Indie Craft Experience. As such, this spinster has been a busy bee working on all sorts of things for the show. One by one, I've been building up my stock of watercolor greeting cards, and I think they're looking pretty cute. Currently, I have somewhere around forty, but I'm hoping to do at least seventy-five before the show. At $3 and $4 each, I think these might even be frame-worthy. Just an idea for all of you patrons out there. 

Speaking of frames, yesterday I purchased four frames so that, as an experiment, I can also have available a few framed pieces of art. The artist Spoon advised me that framed artwork is easier for everyone as it's ready to hang right on the wall. So, we shall see what sorts of things I put in those frames. 

Anna came over last night to work on a few things for our booth, and I'll give you a baby hint of what to expect: we used a bunch of glitter. 

As a side note, If you didn't already see it, Anna's illustrated memes finally came out for the new Miu Miu fragrance, and I couldn't be prouder to have her as a booth mate. Miu Miu is even posting them on their Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, if you want to see what Anna's up to, you can follow her on Instagram at @HelloAnnaOh

Ok, now I must get back to work before I go to keep the nursery. Have a happy Sunday! 

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