#WIP: Colby the Cat

I've finally started work on my Christmas orders. First in my queue was an order I received quite some time ago, and his name is Colby the cat. He's coming along quite nicely, but today I thought I'd share his WIP (work in progress) images. The first image is of just the background painted, and you can see the faint map of the colors I'll be adding. 

Next, we have a process shot with three of four colors started. I'll be adjusting these colors today. I think one of them is a little too terra cotta. 

Lastly, we have a more filled-in version of Colby, though, he's not all the way finished. It looks like a paint by number because, well, essentially that's what it is. Though,  I've gone to great pains to create the paint by number myself so that it will look exactly like Colby the Cat. So far, I think he's looking quite handsome. 

Stay tuned on my Instagram for more WIP photos of this and other Christmas orders! Happy Friday!

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