#WIPWednesday: For My ICE Table

Today is Wednesday, so I'm showing you some of my WIPs or "Works in Progress." As you know, I've been working away at greeting cards for my table at Indie Craft Experience, but I thought I needed some actual artwork. So, I have been working on a few little images that I think would make cute wall art. Here you can see some undies, flowers, and makeup. 

Additionally, I feel it is my duty to tell you something in case you live in the Atlanta area, and it is this: Every single day of the week, if you go to the movies at North Dekalb Mall before 4PM, you can see a movie for less than $4.50. I went yesterday and saw The Martian, and it was wonderful. I highly recommend both the movie and the $4.50 movie. That's how you spinster on a weekday. You're welcome.

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