Dance Break: "No Boyfren"

Instead of a gift guide this morning, you get the pleasure of looking at this ridiculous photo of Miranda and me. Since I've been working from home, I've moved my operation into the guest room where my drafting table resides. Most of the time Miranda is happy to gnaw on a toy or sleep on the bed in that room, but sometimes she gets a little needy. The picture you see here is one such time. Nothing would do but standing on my lap while I worked at my computer. So, I had no choicee but to rest my chin on her back and keep working. It seemed so hilarious that I took a photo with Photo Booth on my computer. So, here it is.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what the title of this post means. Well, unless you follow The Spinsterhood Diaries on Facebook. But in case you don't...

Remember Bon Qui Qui? Well, the other day I discovered that that girl, whose name is actually Anjelah Johnson, is actually a standup comedian. I don't know how I missed that, but I did. So, through a little YouTube searching, I discovered the below video, which is her new song. It seemed pretty appropriate for The Spinsterhood Diaries, so I needed to share. 

So, check it out:

Happy Sunday!

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