Gift Guide: College Girl (2015)

After two semi-silly gift guides in a row, I figured it was time to do something a little more useful. While making this year's college girl gift guide, I realized I may just be getting a little old. That being said, I think I found some cute stuff. But take these as a light suggestion. I'm ten years older than half of regular age college students. When did that even happen?

Now, let's stop lamenting the irreversible march of time and link to some cute gift ideas.

1. Wool Toggle Southwestern Coat: $168, Gap
          This coat is so cute. I see it with some skinny jeans and low heeled ankle boots, but I'll leave the styling to a younger lady. All I know is this coat is very giftable.

2. Leather Passport Case: $13.50, J.Crew Factory
          This case comes in three colors as well as a floral print. It's the perfect way to fancy-up the already fancy experience of studying abroad. Bonus: This fits nicely in a stocking.

3. Mixed Pack of Stud Earrings: $30, Cameoko at The Beehive Atlanta
          I own a card of these earrings, and I really like them. It's fun to have mismatched studs, and I think the quirky-cool elements right up a college girl's alley.

4. Sunny Mood Changing Nail Polish: $9.99, Perpetual Kid
          A lot of college is about skipping homework to make popcorn and sit on the floor watching movies with your friends while you paint your nails. This nail polish takes self manicures to the next level because it's like wearing ten (or twenty if you paint your toenails) moorings all at once. Cool, right?

5. The Snuggle Zone Blanket: $69.99, ModCloth
          A great blanket is a must for college students. It's great for tailgating, picnicking, and keeping warm during a sporting event or pajama-clad movie night. Any blanket will do, but this one is pretty darn cute.

6. Post-It Flag Highlighters (3 pack): $8.95, Staples
          This is a great gift for your super-organized book worm. Imagine if these had existed when I was in the depths of the USC library trying to write a research paper. My, how times have changed.

7. Emoji Magnets: $8.97, American Eagle
          Well, kids these days. They like the emojis. Ok, I like emojis, too. These are an interesting addition to a college refrigerator with great potential for passive-aggressive messaging.

8. AquaFlops Shower Shoes: $16.99, Bed Bath & Beyond
          If your student lives in a dorm, shower shoes are a must. These have holes in the bottom so they can drain themselves. How clever!

9. Killin It Notebook: $13.95, Urban Outfitters
          I like this notebook mostly because I love the Cher Lloyd song of the same name. Click the link to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Happy wednesday and happy shopping!

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