Gift Guide: For the Girly Girl

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Yesterday's gift guide was decidedly more masculine than the rest so far, so of course now I must swing hard back in the other direction. Today's gift guide? For the girly girl! 

If you're a lady, you've undoubtedly got at least one friend who's into all the ribbons, bows, sugar, spice, and everything nice. I left the actual edible sugar and spice out of this guide, but I do think we've got some things she'll like. 

So, let's get to linking!

1. Piped Trim Pajama Shirt: $14.50 J.Crew Factory
          Your girlies friend probably likes to look put together even when she's heading to bed. So how about this adorable pajama top to go with the cute pants below.

2 Piped Trim Pajama Pant: $14.50, J.Crew Factory
          My niece has several pairs of matched woven pajama sets, and they are so cute I could scream. Why can't cuteness like that extend to adulthood? Well, it can.

3. Rosy Twilight Nail Polish: $8, Beyond the Nail on Etsy
          How could I possibly make a girly gift guide without some pink glitter nail polish? I couldn't. That's why I've included this pink glitter. It's even got some stars in it!

4. Peach Pie Fairy Crystal Soap: $7, Willow and Honey on Etsy 
          Honestly, I'm not sure what peach pie soap would smell like, but this stuff is just so pretty. It's got a little pearliness in there as well as some metallic. If you need a closer look, you can click on the image above or the link in this bullet point!

5. False Eyelashes: $1.49,
          A trip to any drugstore beauty department will show you a host of excellent eyelash options. The best part? They're really affordable. This is a great gift to give around Christmas time because your girly friend will be able to put them to use for New Year's Eve.

6. Beauty School Dropout Illustrated Cotton Scarf: $43.57, Kirbee Lawler on Etsy
          I love the name of this scarf almost as much as I love the illustration. Not only are there cute things like hair brushes and makeup on this scarf, but inexplicably, there's also a few little bunnies. Very cute.
7. Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Spray: $92 for 1.7 Fl Oz, Chanel
          So, this one is pretty pricey, but if you're not ready to spring for this big of an item, there's always the rollerball route. That's much more affordable and also it's more portable.

8. Lingerie Watercolor: $30, The Spinster Store on Etsy
         Ok, again, this is a self promotion. But how cute would this be in your girly-girl's bedroom or bathroom? It's already framed, even.

9. Bradshaw Tutu Skirt: $58, Nasty Gal
          So this is named after your favorite character from Sex and the City. Actually, I have no idea who your favorite one was. I didn't like Sex and the City. But still, it was a cute outfit. AND, it would look great with a bunch of different kinds of tops. You know your girly BFF will know what to do with this gem.

10. Solemates High Heeler: $13.49, Amazon
          A must for the girly girl who's going to have to go to a lot of weddings this year. No more heels sinking into the grass. And they're pretty discreet, too!

Happy Friday, and Happy Shopping!

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