Saturday, December 5, 2015

Gift Guide: For Your Shining Star

superstar-gift-guide, gift-guide-2015

While I was making today's gift guide, I couldn't help singing The Manhattans' "Shining Star. So, I'm officially going to have to embed that song at the bottom of this post. You're welcome.

I think today's gift guide is fairly straightforward. It's for that person who is a shining star or needs a little star power in their life. I think we've got  a pretty cute collection here, so let's link it up!

1. Star Sunglasses: $40.60, Nasty Gal
          These sunglasses are the whole reason I made this gift guide. For the right person, these are prefect. In fact, were I still a college student, these would be perfect for me. Now, somehow, I feel a little less outrageous. BUT I still think these are amazing.

2. Phased Out Bangle Set: $38, BaubleBar
          These bangles are a great way to get onboard with the star trend without going too crazy. They can go casual or dressy, and they're just fun.

3. Moon and Stars Necklace: $27, Revolve
          I love this neclnace. Anthropologie is selling this same necklace right now for double the price. So, I'm proud I found this one on Revolve Clothing. You're welcome.

4. Star Hair Cuffs: $16.00, Free People
          I watched an interview with Liv Tyler the other day where she called her father a wizard and mentioned that he had charms and things in his hair. If you want to look like a much cleaner, cuter Steven Tyler, I think these are the ticket.

5. Embellished Star Clutch: $47.47, Asos
          This is an oversized zipper pouch, but this design also comes in a cape version that is quite snazzy. Both are perfect for New Year's Eve.

6. Meri Meri Chunky Star Garland: $12, Urban Outfitters
          While this item's name suggests that it's just for the holiday season, I think this could pulled out for party decoration year round.

7. Long Nights French Comb: $18, Free People
          I'm not 100% sure how I'd go about wearing such a large comb, but it is really pretty. I'm sure the right giftee could figure it out.

8. Star Marquee Sign: $25, Target
           Perfect for that superstar who's trying to decorate her bookshelf.

9. Wilton Edible Glitter: $7.25, Walmart
          I love the idea of edible glitter. This is a perfect gift for that superstar baker in your life.

Now, as promised, The Manhattan's "Shining Star." Enjoy the song and enjoy your Saturday!