Monday, December 26, 2016

Post-Christmas Post

Hello to all! I'm not quite ready to start back up with the daily posts. You may have noticed that I took some time off between posts before Christmas. I had a bunch of work to do, but now I'm all caught up! Since I know these two have been given to their recipients already, I thought I'd share some of the orders I did for Christmas. Of course, if you follow my Instagram, you've already seen these. Hopefully I'll get the go-ahead on a few more within the next week, so I can share those, too!

I should be back to posting regularly after New Year's Day. Until then, check out this dog portrait:

That's it for me! Happy Monday-after-Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Spinster Pins: Giftwrap

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is wrapping gifts. So, I made a gif of my wrapping a gift for today's post. BUT today's post is about some cute giftware ideas for those of you who want to take your wrapping game to the next level. Below I'll list some of the ones I liked best!

1. Fat Mum Slim's "20 Beautiful Ways to Wrap With Brown Paper"
          I love wrapping with kraft paper, so this post was absolutely delicious to me. I especially like the ideas with pompoms and the paper bows.

2. Instax Share Gift Tags:

A photo posted by jonezee85 (@jonezee85) on
Ok, so this was my idea, but I think it's great. Especially if you have the printer and not just the camera. That way you can use any photo you like as the gift tag.

3. Stitched Up Giftwrap from A Pair and a Spare
          I love this idea. It's such a fun and different thing to do. I also thin it's probably a great way to send gifts that you'll be shipping instead of hand carrying.

4. Animal Giftwrap from Kikki.K
          This isn't necessarily Christmas-specific, but I think it's so cute for kids or animal lovers. You can make it more christmasy by using christmas colors or making narwhals, reindeer, and polar bears.

5. Black Giftwrap Ideas from Apartment Therapy
          In case you want to do something a little different this year.

6. Homemade Food Gift Packaging Ideas from A Taste of Home
          Good for friends and neighbors...and anyone who likes to eat!

7. DIY Origami Bows from Fun Crafts Kids
          If you find yourself without ribbon - or if you're just tired of using ribbon - this is a really pretty alternative.

If you've already reached expert level at wrapping gifts, you may want to purchase this Gangsta Wrappa tee for yourself. It's about $28, but it tells everyone who's boss.

A few bonus tips:

1. I like to use Satin Acetate ribbon (as in the gif above) to make my bows. It's a little hard to find, but if you search for that on Amazon, you'll come up with a few results. You can also find it sometimes at a florist shop.

2. My mom likes to use satin blanket binding instead of ribbon when she needs an extra wide bow. It's a really nice, pretty touch.

3. My mom also often uses freezer paper instead of white wrapping paper. It's nice and thick and doesn't tear as easily as some white giftwrap.

4. You can purchase wrapping paper at the dollar tree. That's where I got the wrapping paper in the gif above. It's not the nicest or thickest, but my niece is just going to rip it off anyway, so...not super important.

5. You can iron your old tissue paper as long as you don't use steam.

Ok, happy Saturday and happy wrapping!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Gift Guide: Hidden Treasures

A couple years ago, I heard about Money Soap. The idea is that you get a bar of soap, and when you've used it all, there's money inside. It could be anywhere between one dollar and fifty. It's basically the long-game version of a scratch-off card. This, I think, makes it a fun option for the person who has everything.

After doing a little research, I discovered that money soap isn't the only sort of gift with a hidden treasure. So, today's gift guide gives you some of those options!

1. Money Soap: $14.95, Amazon
          This is a good gift for the guy who has everything. I'm not sure how it really smells, but the green color makes me think a guy would use it. Here's hoping it contains more than $14.95.

2. Pyramid Cash Candle: $19.99, Amazon
          This is a little pricey, but a lot of other candles are more expensive. And they don't come with money

3. Leo Jewelry Candle: $23.95, Daniella's Candles
          Great for your friend who's into astrology. They do, of course, make all the signs. I just chose Leo because that's my sign!

4. Secret Jewels Rose Petals Candle: $29.99, Amazon
          I love rose petal scents...and this one comes with a necklace surprise!

5. Rosewater Body Creme: $21.99, JewelScent
          I think this might actually be the most useful least to me and my dry hands and feet. I'm hoping the ring comes in a little capsule so you don't have to clean it.

6. Star Cash Candle: $27.99, Amazon
          I feel like this is a good idea for a kid or middle school student. I don't know that I can imagine many adults having a rainbow star candle out and about in their home.

7. Hidden Treasure Bath Bomb: $15.50, Amazon
          According to my Instagram feed, bath bombs are a big thing right now. But this one comes with a little sparkle inside! Win-win!

All right! Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Spinstergram: Finished Work

I'm taking a break from the gift guides today because...well, I didn't make one for today. Sometimes it takes a long time to find just the right things to include.

However, I have an image to share with you. It's not actually the finished product, but it was the most popular photo o this one on Instagram, so I thought I'd share.

I don't often get orders for colored pencil drawings, but when I do, I like to dive into the challenge. I'm particularly happy with the way the shading on the grandfather's shirt turned out on this one. There are a lot of different colors in there. As you know, white is the presence of all colors.

Now, the edges of this drawing are something I'd like to address. You may think the bottom of the Christmas tree looks awfully strange. That's because this drawing was supposed to be 8x10, and I drew it on 9x12 paper so that I would be able to make the entire drawing without going over the edges. So, all the edges of this drawing will be covered by the mat or framed once it's framed.

I shipped this one out yesterday and promptly started another portrait. If you'd like to follow along, my Instagram is @Jonezee85. Check it out!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gift Guide: Mom

Yesterday's guide was for dads, so of course today's is for moms! Today I've got a collection of gifts that I think might just fit for moms of all ages...and maybe even some grandmothers, too! Let's take a look.

1. Starbucks Cold Cup: $19.95, Starbucks Stores
         If your mom is always on the go, she might like this super tall reusable tumbler. I have one of these, and I love it. I feel like I'm doing something good for myself by drinking as much water as this thing can hold. I even take it to the gym to work out. It says it's not dishwasher safe, but I haven't had any problems. That may mean my dishwasher is weak, though...I never know.

2. HoMedics 3D Shiatsu + Vibration Massage Pillow: 49.99, Khol's
          One morning I found myself watching a gifting special on QVC, and they were advertising this thing. You can use it on your feet or back or neck or whatever you want. They tried to convince the buyers it can look like just any other cute pillow. While I don't believe that, I do think a mom who's constantly on her feet might really enjoy one of these things.

3. SunnyLife Pineapple and Watermelon Cards: $19, ShopBop
          Is your mom in a bridge club or a card group? A cute deck of cards or two is always a good options.

4. Hand and Foot Cream: $11, The Body Shop
          This was voted one of the best hand creams by the readers of Total Beauty. I don't generally shop at the body shop, but I do have some dry hands and feet, so I'd be willing to give it a try. I imagine your mom would, too.

5. Patterned Modern Block Keychain: $34, Moon & Lola
          You may have noticed that one of the themes of this year's gift guides is keyring. There are a lot of really cute ones out there. I love this personalized option. It comes in a few different prints, and you can choose the initials or word you'd like. Pretty cute.

6. Kate Spade Swan Socks: $10, ShopBop
          Swans seem to be a big trend right now. Since Swans are kind of one of the mascots of my hometown, I thought I should include some swan socks.

7. Alpine Toile Flannel Pajamas: $103, Pottery Barn
          A nice set of pajamas is a good idea for a mom or a grandmother...or a sister or roommate. You can order these with a monogram as well.

8. Clear Glass Stemmed Jar with Lid: $15, Hobby Lobby
          Whenever I'm home for the holidays, my mom has an assortment of this type of jar/canister filled with different candies. Start your mom a collection of these as a *hint* that perhaps she, too, should provide a mix of different kinds of m&ms for guests and visitors to her home.

9. Lucite and Pave Necklace: $32, J.Crew
          This necklace comes in a few other colors, including navy and tortoise. I saw these in the store, and they're all cute and infinitely wearable.

10. Vera Bradley Fleece Slippers: $$14.46, QVC
          If your mom loves Vera Bradley, these should be a winner. They also look super squishy and comfy - perfect for relaxing after a night of having to wear high heels that don't feel great.

All right! That's it~ Happy Wednesday~

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gift Guide: For Your Dad

I'm back with the gift guides!

Today's guide is for one of the guys who's hardest to shop for: your dad. If these gifts seem sort of random, it's probably because they are. Dads have everything, so I did my best. Let's get started!

1. Men's Cloud Layer Pullover: $60, Eddie Bauer
          This is a great gift for your dad, brother, husband, or grandfather. It's cozy, and you know they'll wear it all the time.

2. Windshield Cleaner and Defogger: $6.41, Amazon
          I'm not totally sure how this works, but if it does, I bet it's a life saver.

3.PowerGrip LED Flashlight: $19.95, L.L. Bean
          I love these things. It's a flashlight you can charge by pumping the trigger with your hand. That way it's always charged.

4. Udderly Smooth Udder Cream: $5.34, Amazon
          Ok, so this is a weird one. However, I know for a fact that my dad likes this stuff. It's great for guys who have super dry, cracked hands in the winter. I think they might actually use it on cows.

5. Wooden Watch: $35.99, Amazon
          I think a wooden watch is pretty cool. It's warmer than metal to be sure, but it's also a bit more creative...and so manly.

6. Ice Scraper Mitt: $14.99, Amazon
          I own one of these, and I think it's great. Everyone should have one.

7. Classic Width Birdseye Tie: $26.99, Tommy Hilfiger
          This is a nicely-textured tie, but you don't have to get this particular one if you don't think he'll like it. Ties are always a safe bet...if the guy you're buying them for actually has occasion to wear a tie.

8. Hydro Flask: $29.95, HydroFlask
          These things are really cool. The one pictured here is supposedly for food, but I don't see why you couldn't also drink coffee out of it. They're just really good thermoses.

9.Chambray Shirt: $64.99, L.L. Bean
          I always think a nice, sturdy men's shirt is a good gift. You know they're not going to purchase this for themselves, but they'd totally wear it if they had one.

10. Wooden Pocket Knife: $14.44, Amazon
          I didn't even know that wooden knives were possible. Apparently they are, and I think they're pretty novel and cool.

All right! We're getting to crunch time. Happy shopping!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Two Sparkly Things

I have two gift guides on deck, but I need to get to work quickly this morning, so I'm just gonna leave you with these two gifs. You can purchase each one by clicking the link below the gif.

I love the idea of sparkles, but somehow I never end up purchasing any. If you find yourself always purchasing something sparkly around the holidays, then perhaps you're primed for these excellent glitter boots from Free People

All right! That's it for me. Happy Monday and happy shopping!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide: For Your BFF

Today's gift guide is for your Bestie. Some years, you know exactly what you're getting her. Others, you know she knows what she's getting you, but you have no idea what to give her. I'm here to help.

1. Wave Dot Sock: $8.95, Happy Socks
          You knew I was going to include a cute pair of socks. I love Happy Socks. I think they make such fun, cute designs. But, really, any fun socks will do. Target has lots of them for a good price, so you could even use them as just part of your gift.

2. Handpainted Wooden Initial Keychain: $28, Jill Makes on Etsy
          I just really love this keyring. Really cute.

3. Rome Tee: $39.50, J.Crew
          So, if your friend hasn't been to rome or doesn't particularly love rome or whatever the case may be, j.crew has tees like this for London, Paris, and New York as well. I just liked the blue and white of this tee.

4. Party Straw: $10, Ban.Do
          These straws are a little expensive, but they're so fun. Could be great for your New Year's Eve plans!

5. "Single All The Way" Sleep Tee: $24, Victoria's Secret
          I mean...I may have to get this sleep tee for myself. It's pretty perfect.

6. Aerie Hi-Rise Play Legging: $20.97, Aerie
          I love that we've moved away from foldover yoga pants to high waisted leggings. They're much easier to work out in. I like that these are floral, but they also come in other prints as well.

7. Pink Radio: $29.99, Amazon
          I work from home most of the time, and while I work, I like to have NPR going in the background. It's easier than queueing a podcast and having to pause it. I just turn it on and let it run. My radio is a vintage one I bought on eBay, but if you think your friend would like a radio, then I think this is a pretty darn cute option.

8. Hexagon Hoop Earrings: $32, Hartmann Jewelry Works on Etsy
          I love how minimal these are, but they're something really different.

9. Leopard Scarf: $24.99, H&M
          I am a scarf hoarder. I think they're a fun way to punch up an outfit while keeping warm. I also like a good blush color story. Very cute.

10. Threshold Chambray Sheet Set: $22.39-$44.79, Target
          So, these are pretty basic sheets, and they may not be the exactly what you're looking for, but the idea here is simple: new sheets. I don't buy sheets for myself often, but I love having fresh ones at the ready when I decide to change them. Check stores like Tuesday Morning, T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, etc for deals on nice sheets. If you want to get solids, have the hems of pillowcases monogrammed for some extra pizazz.

11. Starbucks Anniversary Scale Mug: $12.95, Starbucks
          I went to Starbucks yesterday, and I thought this mug was so cute. Stuff the cute socks in the mug with one of those cute holiday themed Starbucks gift cards, and voila! A very useful gift that you can buy while getting your morning coffee. Well...except the socks.

All right! I hope that you found a gift idea here you can use for your best friend...or yourself. Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Guide: Clip-On Earrings

Before my grandmother passed away, I would always have a hard time thinking of what to get her for Christmas. Her ears weren't pierced, though, so I would always search for a good-looking pair of clip-ons.

Now, I have a friend around my age who doesn't have her ears pierced, so I have renewed interest in finding good clip-ons that don't look like the makers made do with the restraints of clip-ons. Today, I present you eight excellent pair of clip-on earrings for your shopping pleasure. Some are very affordable, and some are...fancy. So let's look at the links.

1. Royal Gala Clip-On Earrings: $14, Charming Charlie
          Very Pretty, and they come in two color ways.

2. Beaded Clip On Tassel Earrings: $21.22, Alingenue on Etsy
          I love these. I was looking for a pair of tassel clip-ons, and these were by far the best.

3. Flower Cluster Earrings: $16.99, Amazon
          While these are more in keeping with the sorts of earrings you usually see in the clip-ons section, I think they're fun, funky, and dimensional enough to be gift-worthy.

4. Gold Half Disc Earrings: $26+, GitasJewelryShip on Etsy
          I wonder if these would be less heavy on your earlobes than pierced ones are.

5. Soutache Earrings: $37, GiSouthacheJewelry on Etsy
          So, everything in this Etsy shop is beautiful. They are, apparently, going out of business, so if you love these - or this style - , you may want to head on over now. Very sad to see this shop go. I think it's really cool.

6. Turquoise and Ruby Snake Hoop Earrings: $200, Kenneth Jay Lane
          These are, of course, the most expensive earrings in the list. However, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings are pretty fancy, and I think these particular ones are quite unique.

7. Pink Shimmer Statement Earrings: $19.95, T.J. Max
          You can't tell in this image that the pink part is transparent. Fancy and funky.

8. Oval Clip On Earrings: $10.50, Shoptiques
          These are so very 90s in the best way possible. Very super model.

All right. That's it for me. Enjoy your shopping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Now that I started with a college girl gift guide, I thought I should follow it with a gift guide for the guys. I suspect most of these things would be best for a college student or a guy in his early 20s. Still, I think a few of these items would be good for any guy. So let's talk about what's on the list. Most of it's from Amazon, so that's easy.

1. Rogue One Razor Gift Set: $9.99, Amazon
          Ok, so this isn't a great gift for non-Star Wars fans. But, if the guy shaves, and he does like Star Wars, then this is a good option. Plus it's only ten bucks.

2. USB Charger Keychain: $25.56, Amazon
          I think this is much better for men than the tassel. Still super useful in a pinch.

3. Flex Tank: $20, Amazon
          I don't advocate for men's tank tops. In fact, I don't like them. BUT if you're ok with them, then this could be a really funny gift for your scrawny younger brother.

4. Plaid Rugged Elbow Patch Shirt: $39.50, J.Crew Factory
          Cool and classic. Almost can't go wrong....unless he doesn't like red or plaid or...IDK. I'm getting old.

5. Beard Template: $14.99, Amazon
          I didn't know these things existed before yesterday. This is so weird that I just had to add it to the list.

6. Stripe Socks: $5.99, Steinmart
          Pro tip: Steinmart has lots of socks, and they are excellently priced. If you live near one, go check it out.

7. Shotgun Shell Coasters: about $45, Amazon
          For the hunter who has everything.

8. Organic Mushroom Farm: $21.71, Amazon
          For the guy who loves to cook...or loves to eat organic mushrooms? I just thought this was cool.

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker: $24, Amazon
          If this were a gift guide for a woman, I wouldn't include this idea. We all already have too many tools and gadgets in our kitchens. However, for a bachelor's kitchen, I feel like this could work.

Ok, well. I hope this has given you some ideas! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide: College Girl

So, every year I like to do some gift guides. Usually I start before December, but I'm just getting around to it this year. Today's gift guide is labelled "College Girl," but I think it could be for any young lady in your life. So let's talk about what's on the list.

1. USB Charging Keychain Leather Tassel: $13.99, Amazon
          If you're not giving this to a college girl, give it to your coworker who's always asking if anyone has a charger. She can clip this on her keys or purse and never have to ask again.

2. e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Palette: $10, Amazon
          So, the link I have here is from Amazon, but you can also get this palette at Target and lots of drugstores. It's inexpensive, but I use this kind of eyeshadow, and I think it's great.

3. Wireless Earbuds: $16.99, Amazon
          Now that iPhone has forced the world into the age of the wireless earbud, why not get everyone on your list a spare pair. It seems like wireless earbuds are going to be easier to lose, so just add this to your shopping list for the next few years until they implant headphone chips in our bodies.

4. Rodan and Fields Unblemish Regimen for Acne: $180, Rodan + Fields
          Ok, so this is expensive, yes. And before you get mad, I'm not a Rodan and Fields Rep, and I don't even know the name of the person who sold this to my mom to give to me. What I do know is that it totally works, and it's great. So...if you think your college girl gift recipient would like clearer skin or just some nice smelling face stuff, this might be excellent.

Side note: if she does have bad skin, DO NOT make this about how bad you think her skin is. Chances are, she knows, and she doesn't need to be told. Just saying. Many a friend has made this complaint to me about well-meaning loved ones. Don't be that person.

5. Fujifilm Instax Share photo printer: $163.48, Amazon
          Ok, my parents gave me one of these for Christmas last year, and I love it. You connect to the printer via the bluetooth on your iPhone, and you can print any photo on your phone onto that cool instax instant film. Love. It.

6. Sonia Kashuk Holiday Brush Kit: $29.99, Target
          I have no idea how these brushes actually feel, but they're so cute. These would make anyone's bathroom counter look so fancy.

7. Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw in Girls just wanna have fun: $14,
          So, I love these things. I drink out of these when I work out, when I'm working at my desk, and when I'm on the road. Currently, I have two that I love plus two that are pretty good. I think they're magical. The only thing that would make them better would be if they were actually dishwasher safe. I still put them in the dishwasher, though. They seem fine..but maybe my dishwasher is just weak.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit: $40, Ulta
          I purchased this kit a while ago, and while I'm not a makeup maniac like Kim or Kylie, I quite enjoy this thing. It's a fun thing for the girl who likes to try things but would never purchase something like this for herself.

9. Loop de Loops: $28+, Welkin and Main on Etsy
          These are cute and easy to wear. a great staple for the school year...or the work week...or a night out...or church. They're very versatile.

10. Patterned Boot Socks: $5.97, Aerie
          If you've been looking at my gift guides for any period of time, then you know socks are one of my go-to gift items. Who doesn't need some fresh, clean socks? I think these are cute, and Aerie socks are also really soft.

Welp. That's it for today. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Obsession Confession: Stock Photos

You may have noticed the postings have been very sparse lately. I'm not making any promises that it will get better until after Christmas. I am happy to say I've been working pretty solidly on holiday orders. However, last week, I had a project that required me to use stock photography. And now I have a new obsession.

The person giving me the assignment suggested I use Getty Images, so for the first time I delved into the bajillions of photos in their library. There are many beautiful photos on the site, but there is also a bunch of really strange stuff. For example, I wonder what someone would need a photo of a metallic purple woman holding clock for.

If you haven't had to use stock photography before, I highly recommend you hop on over to Getty Images and have a look. search literally anything. It's a magical rabbit hole.

If you want to see what weird and wonderful things I've been finding, you can check out my Pinterest board here. Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Spinstergram: Carrots

Yesterday, I took my car to the dealership for a checkup, etc, and on the way back I got to stop in at one of my favorite Antique/Vintage shops in the Atlanta area, Queen of Hearts. In a back corner of the shop, I found this gem. I think it's a vase? I'm not sure what you'd put in it. Sticks? Well, the booth owner got a little creative and put fake carrots in there. Interesting.

I thought you'd enjoy this little moment. That being said, I only have time to blog for a moment today. Back to work!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Spinstergram: My First Quilt

As I mentioned yesterday, my first quilt is finished! It's pretty big, so I had a hard time taking a photo of it. Miranda, of course, has already claimed it as her own. It's not perfect, but I think it's a good first try. Let's talk about what makes up the quilt.

The Squares (from top left to bottom right):

1. Spoleto Festival USA 1998 Tee Shirt with art by Claus Oldenberg

2. A Beetles Tee from my aunt, Marsha, that is very dark and tonal, so you can't really see their faces in this photo

3. A Tee I screen printed with my friend Pat's face on it. She's an awesome artist and illustrator, so you should check out her website here.

4. Penland School of Crafts Textiles Tee from the summer I went there to learn weaving and dying.

5. A Converse College tee. I cut off the first and last letters, and I wish I hadn't, but I was just trying to make all the squares a uniform size.

6. AEO Better World Tee: This was our volunteer uniform when I worked at American Eagle Outfitters. I wore this one time cleaning up trash along the hudson river. I will not tell you all the sorts of filth I discovered there.

7. "WE 💙#18" Tee I made when my brother was playing college baseball.

8. "I'm Big On The Pig" Piggly Wiggly Tee (back side)

9. A tee shirt my sister designed when she was working for Creator Designs.

10. "This Girl Can Work It." I got this tee in college from Delia's, I think. After I bought it, though, I thought it was weird to wear this shirt, so I wore it under another shirt all the time.

11. Derby Day Sumter tee my cousin Katie designed. Unfortunately, Miranda wanted to lay on top of that.

12. A Citadel tee.

13. Spoleto Festival USA 2003 tee shirt with art by Susan Rothenberg.

14. Troy University tee from when my brother in law worked there on the coaching staff.

15. University of South Carolina Student Gamecock Club tee. If you joined the student gamecock tee for $25 when I was a student at USC, you could have a free ticket to every game.

16. The front graphic from that same Piggly Wiggly tee.

17. Cute Alligator tee I got from Delia's in college.

18. A Ninja tee drawn by Olivia Sui that I got for free when I interned at Anna Sui

19. Spoleto Festival USA 2002 tee with art by Elizabeth Murray

20. Hanson concert tee from when my friend Sydney and I went to see them at House of Blues. This is the back of the tee.

21. Anna Sui illustrated tee I got when I interned there.

22. My favorite solid teal tee from college. It was from Urban Outfitters, and because I was so tiny in college and everyone wore tight tees then, it was very tiny.

23. Greenville tee from Greenville, SC

24. Tee from the Art Institute of Chicago museum.

25. P15's American Legion Baseball team tee from when my brother played for them.

26. Feline Meow tee I got from Maria Nichol when I visited London. Loved this tee, but I gained a bunch of weight when I moved to Atlanta, so I couldn't wear it anymore. :(

27. Tee from my first student event at FIT.

28. Johnny Cupcakes tee. In my first year in New York, I took a trip to Boston on the train. I bought this tee, but I never really wore it that much.

29. Spoleto Festival USA 1977 tee with art by Christan Thee. Obviously I didn't get this tee in 1977. I think they might have brought this one back one of the years I went.

30. The front of the Hanson concert tee. I accidentally put this one in upside down, and I didn't even realize it until I was quilting that square. Adds character.

Ok, so the other things: I only use fitted sheets on my bed, so the light blue color is made from a top sheet I've had for years but never used. The border (which is actually wrapped around from the back) is from a set of sheets I got on Gilt when I lived in New York. Believe it or not, I actually wore a hole in the fitted sheet, so I just had the top sheet lying around.

That's it! That's my quilt. I'm very excited to have finished it, but now I want to make another.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Paper Flowers and Turkey Time

As you might have guessed, I went out of town for Thanksgiving. I ate everything, and now there is no food left in the United States. Thanks, Donald. Gosh.

While I was gone, I finished my quilt and also binged on Netflix's The Crown. The quilt is in the washing machine as I write this, but I shall post a photo of the finished product soon enough. The Crown was excellent, but I need more episodes immediately. I highly recommend it. My mom and I watched the whole thing in a matter of two or three days. That's how I finished the quilt in such short order. My right index finger has a callus.

Above, you'll see a photo of one of my other recent projects, some watercolor paper flowers. They're not quite finished yet, but I think they look lovely.

Today I start working on a list of Christmas orders. I'm thankful to have so much work this time of year. I should be busy up until the week of Christmas, I think.

All right. Now I have to get on the treadmill. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Things from Tumblr

grilled-cheese-illustration, grilled-cheese-graphic

So, I have this bad habit of waking up super early and then spending lots of time checking all my social media. One of my favorite early morning websites is Tumblr. I feel like most of the people I'm following are probably in high school or college, which feels a little weird. On the bright side, though, they keep me hip (I guess).

The first thing I saw (and I could have seen this before, but if you haven't seen it, you need to) was this video about grilled cheese:

And then, there was this story about a man making silly requests at a hotel:

The comments below the post are the best. Former hotel employees say they actually like strange requests because it breaks up the monotony. So, start thinking of requests for your holiday hotel bookings!

Also, in my search for this video, I also found this picture of a man in a cheese suit. Enjoy!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Spinstergram: White Elephant Gift

So, I love a good white elephant gift exchange. I like the opportunity to think of the weirdest, creepiest, funniest gift possible. Unsurprisingly, this year that included a portrait. I thought it would be so funny if someone who was not the person depicted ended up with the portrait.

Some groups say that the white elephant exchange includes requiring each person to display their gift in their home for an entire year. That wasn't the case with our game, but I think the recipient will.

So, my gift was this portrait of one of our hosts, John. To jazz it up, I bought a dollar store frame and added some sculpted details. Notice that the bow at the top has a head in the center...just to be weird. Then I added a ribbon banner at the bottom with his name. Then, as you can see, I spray painted the whole frame gold.

One person opened the gift, and I'd say it was a hit. And then it was stolen by one of John's best friends who, I think, will actually hang it in her home. My day was made.

All right. I must do work. Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Spinster Reading List: Avi's True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

So, a couple months ago, I was in my childhood bedroom, and I'd forgotten to bring a book. So, I looked in the closet, and I found True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. I remember reading this book for summer reading in middle school (I think), and liking it. For a long time, on surveys when I was asked to name my favorite book, I'd say this one.

The book is small and light, and I believe it falls into the "young adult" category. That means, it's an easy read. What I thought was most interesting, though, was that Avi has somehow managed to capture the thought processes and reasoning of someone Charlotte Doyle's age.

While I think it's weird this author goes by only one name, I do think the writing is fun and interesting. There was a little too much detail about the actual workings and physical construction of a ship. Personally, I feel like I could have done without that. However, I guess if I were in middle school and somehow learning about a ship was useful to me, then perhaps this would be a fun way to learn.

I also would like to say that I wasn't really expecting the ending to be what it was. I will not spoil it for you, but it kind of surprised me. Not in a "what!?!?" kind of way but more like "huh, that's interesting."

All right. That's it for me. Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Spinster Screening: Saint Vincent

bill-murray-saint-vincent, saint-vincent

So, today's movie came out a couple years ago, and I meant to see it, but I never did. So, when I saw it was on Netflix a few days ago, I watched it.

I like Bill Murray, but after his weird Christmas special, I wasn't so sure this was going to be good. However, with the help of Melissa McCarthy and a super sweet child, this movie is a winner.

Before you go and put this in your queue for family movie night, I must tell you that there are quite a few off color moments. Murray carries on a relationship with a "lady of the night." All in all, though,  it's the classic story of a grumpy guy who actually has a heart of gold. I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a feel-good Friday night.

All right! That's it for me! Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sorry...Another Gif Of My Face another gif of my face. Sorry!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen this gif, but for some reason it was really fast on Instagram. So, here's the intended speed.

Don't forget that Fantastic Beasts comes out this weekend. That has nothing to do with this post, but I'm very excited.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Spinster Gif: Hair Color

So, a couple years ago, I made a gif about coloring your hair. For some reason (I'm not sure why's been on my desktop for over a week) I decided to make a photographic version. To be honest, I'm at least 50% embarrassed I spend time making this. Perhaps that's why it sat on my desktop for so long.

I suspect that one of the reasons I made this gif was because I wanted to know what I would look like with lavender hair. I have wanted to dye my hair lavender for a couple years now, but I'm pretty sure I won't do it. I lack the perseverance to maintain a dye job of any kind, and I hear the crazy colors don't even last very long.

In any case, here's this gif. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Audible Spinstering: American Heiress

On the treadmill yesterday, I finished listening to Jeffrey Toobin's American Heiress: The Wild Saga of Kidnapping, Crimes, and Trial of Patty Hearst. It was long.

Before I start this, I have to say that Patty Hearst's whole ordeal began two years before my parents were even married - eleven years before I was born. So, needless to say, I have no memory of this news story from any sort of primary source. However, I've seen a few things about it over the years - mostly in relation to Stockholm Syndrome - and so I thought it would be interesting.

The book itself mostly focuses on the five years from Hearst's kidnapping to her release from prison, and at times, I felt like I was listening to it in real time. There were a lot of details. I'm sure they were all necessary, but somehow this book manages to dissect occurrences that could have been really exciting in such a way that makes them...a little dry. I do wonder, however, what someone who was alive for these events would think of this telling.

The thing I came away with from this book was a feeling that Patty Hearst is (or was then) adaptive, pragmatic, and possibly conniving. I think she really did join the SLA, but I'm not sure if it was because she really believed in it, just thought it was cool, or actually feared for her own survival. But then, I think perhaps that's the question everyone takes away from this story. Perhaps it's a more nuanced issue than just brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, or counter-cultural young rebellion. Who can say, really, except for Patty herself?

In the beginning of the book, Toobin seemed pretty fond of the word "argo," using it at least ten times to describe the way the SLA (and later Patty) expressed themselves. I feel like I notice that more when I'm listening to a book than I normally would if I were reading. Though, the word "sumptuous" does haunt me from my last encounter with the writing of Kevin Kwan.

In any case, I'm not sure if I recommend this book. It's pretty long, and I feel like it would have made a much better documentary with Ken Burns-style scrolling stills.

All right. That's all I have to say about that. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Spinstergram: Weekend Creations

This weekend I did a little work fulfilling orders from the flash sale, but on my Sunday night, I did some other kinds of creating.

After my halloween project with the paper flowers, I wanted to try some other kinds. This is one kind I tried to perfect last night. I watched some Youtube videos beforehand, but I think I still want to try more kinds. These were fun and easy to make, though.

Next, this photos is actually from Saturday, but I definitely did a bunch of quilting sunday night, too. I just particularly liked the design of the stitching here.

Since this is my first quilt, it's far from perfect. But, I'm enjoying the experiment, and the quilt is already very warm and soft. Miranda approves.

When you think about this being my ideal weekend evening activity, it's no wonder that I'm a spinster. But I can't help it that quiet creation is my favorite. I think I would consider joining quilting bee, though.

All right. I hope your Monday is full of things you enjoy...or at least a good coffee or tea treat. Happy Monday!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Holiday Shopping: $10 FLASH SALE!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone! I've got an exciting Friday Treat for you! Today, I'm having a FLASH SALE!

Ok, so here's the deal:

I'm running a special on this style of portrait ONLY:

So, TODAY ONLY, you can get a digital file to print on your end (on photo paper or card stock or stationary or tee shirts - whatever you want) for JUST $10! Woohoo!

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, this might be a great place to start. And if you do want the deal, here are the guidelines:  


1. All information must be sent via email only. No texts. No Facebook messages. Visit the contact page of for the email address. Somehow I feel like it's weird to post the email straight on this blog.

2. In the subject line of the email write "Digital Portrait Flash Sale"

3. All information must be received before 7 AM tomorrow morning. (That's Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 7 AM)

4. Payment accepted via PayPal or VenMo only. 

5. Ok, now here's what to include in the email:

  • A good photo of the person or pet you'd like depicted in the photo. It should be unobstructed and hopefully the largest file you have. The clearer the photo, the better the portrait will turn out.
  • Colors:
    • Background Color:
      • I suggest White or Cream. If you're putting this on a tee shirt, I suggest while.
    • Outline Color:
      • Black, Brown, or Navy:
        • Both of the above portraits are done in Navy. I feel like that's the best color, but I'm open to your thoughts.
    • Two Overlay Colors:
      • The colors that will be behind the face. This is the yellow and blue in the image of the man. 
      • Good options are colors that look good when mixed. Here are some ideas:
        • Red + blue = purple
        • Yellow + blue = green
        • Red (or pink) + Yellow = Orange
      • You can also look up "color palettes" on pinterest and send me a screen shot of a color idea you like. 
  • Size:
    • I can literally send you any size you want. It's better to go with a large size if you're not sure what you want, but here are some standard sizes that will be easy to frame:
      • 4x6
      • 5x7
      • 8x10
      • 11x14
      • Anything Square - Squares are easy to scale, so if you know you want something to be square, it's good to go with something big, and you can size it down later if you want. 
Ok! that's it! I hope this wasn't confusing. I tried to simplify it as much as possible.

Now, if you're looking to get one of these done, but you're not sure what you'd like to do with it, here are some ideas. I got them all from Zazzle:

1. A Tee Shirt:

2. A  Water Bottle

3. A Framed Print:

4. Wrapping Paper:

OK! Now Choose a photo and send me some orders!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Spinster Uniform: A Sketch

I made today's illustration a while ago while sitting on the sofa. Not surprising, I know.

I think I actually made this sketch after a day of freelancing when I came home an put oaths outfit. The freelance gig was a fun one. I wen too a brainstorm session for a marketing department, and they just needed me to sit there and illustrate their ideas. I love when I get one of those.

All right. Time for me to do some work. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Photoshoppery: Donald Trump's New Hair

Welp. I guess we have a new president elect. To be honest, I'm a little worried. If nothing else, someone needs to talk to this man about his look. I can't imagine, though, that he hasn't had access to the best image consultants money can buy.

So, in efforts to help the ol' Donald, I decided I'd help him pick out some new haircuts. I found the original picture in this article on Dr. Hurd . com. Now let's look at my suggested changes.

First, I decided to do something subtle. I toned down the skin color, evened it out, and clipped some of the extra off of Donald's hair. This is, perhaps, what Donald Trump might look like if his skin were amore natural color. Doesn't he look so respectable with a trim?

Next, we have some hair I stole from George Clooney. Clooney's always been known for having trendsetting haircuts, so I thought it appropriate Donald try out his look. The result is decidedly Reagan-esque.

A little further from his conservative fanbase but still hearkening to Reagan, we have this suave look with shaved sides. This would certainly appeal to the young people.

Taking it even further, we have a look I've borrowed from Justin Bieber. This actually makes Trump look like a chubby David Bowie. And we all know he fancies himself a blonde.

Lastly, if Trump really wants to be really daring, he could take a page from Harry Styles's book and just let it flow. This may require hair transplants from Milania or even just a straight up wig.

I hope this has lightened your heart. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day: Who Will Win?

So, I haven't been this interested in an Election...ever. I think this whole thing has been a three-ring circus. I can't wait to see the outcome. A lot of people are really concerned about the outcome, and so am I. I'm just more fascinated than I am concerned.

So, I made this gif today for the election. I am sorry to say I didn't pay attention to the placement of the question mark, and by the time I realized it wasn't centered, I'd already done too much work to move it.

If you haven't voted yet, get out there! Decision 2016! And have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Thoughts: Quilting and a Song

As you can see, I've been working on a tee shirt quilt. I had a lot of tee shirts I'd - ehem - grown out of. I'm enjoying feeling productive while I watch Netflix.

On a totally unrelated note, the other day I was in the new Tuesday Morning that's opened near my apartment. It's really big and organized and wonderful. The only problem is that the one time I went in there, they were playing really sad/bittersweet music. Like...can we please get something a little more upbeat?

The one they played that day that's really been stuck in my head is one I don't think I'd heard by Elton John, and now it's been stuck in my head for over a week. I'd like to punch it in the face because...ugh.

All right. Here it is. Don't enjoy.

Happy Monday! (if you can)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary the Tarsier

So, Donald Looked like a baby bird, but Hillary looks decidedly like a Tarsier. Her face may look crazy in this photoshoppery, but her hair is still on point.

So sorry I'm giving you nightmares with these photoshop edits. I just...they make me laugh.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 4, 2016

#FAFATL: My Old Pallette

So, I don't actually mix my painting colors on a palette. Instead, I mix them in jars so my mixing doesn't dry up too fast. I do test them, however, on a canvas that I call my palette. I also wipe my brush on it.

Every now and then the palette gets a little too lumpy, so I need to start a fresh one. Today's #FAFATL is made from one such palette. I've painted over it, and then I decided I'd add some resin, and then I decided to add some glitter, and it all got a little out of hand. But it's Free Art Friday, which means it's free. So. If anyone wants this crazy glittery thing, I'll be dropping it somewhere around Atlanta keep your eyes peeled on Instagram (@Jonezee85).

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Donald The Baby Bird

After yesterday's Big Eyes post, I need to make some more weird photoshoppery. So, I photoshopped Donald Trump to have big eyes, and now he looks like a baby bird.

I'm just going to leave this here. Do with it what you will.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Netflix and Spinster: Big Eyes

Last night I finally watched Big Eyes. I'd been meaning to watch it for a while, and now it's on Netflix.

I haven't got a whole lot to say about this movie except that I liked it. I liked the cast, and I liked the story. I think you should watch it.

 It also inspired me to make this creepy photoshop image. Believe it or not, this started from a photo of my own face. enjoy your nightmares.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Same Shape, Two Prints

Yesterday I was looking at my Pinterest, and I saw these earrings. I'm not sure when or why I pinned these, but I thought the elements could be pretty cool as a print. So I whipped up a couple really quick, and here they are!

I think the first version in this post is my favorite. I think it's nice and graphic, but it's also sort of a stripe. And's sort of Art Deco-ish.

Here's the second one:

I think this one is pretty cool because it makes use of all the shapes created by the lines. However, I feel like the lines throughout make it kind of look chopped up. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure what I think.

I've scheduled this to post at 7AM, so by the time you're reading it, I'm already off to a super fun freelance gig...that I can unfortunately not tell you about because I signed an NDA.

All right! Happy Tuesday, and welcome to November!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Some Halloween Spinster Thoughts


I can't promise that today's thoughts have really anything to do with Halloween, but they are thoughts, and I'm having them on Halloween, so they're Halloween Spinster Thoughts. Haha. I think they're probably just regular shower thoughts, but you they are.

1. There was a girl at my high school who had a tie dye L.L. Bean backpack. Instead of having her name embroidered on the bag, though, she had the words "gypsy moon" embroidered. Every now and then I think about that.

2. Yesterday I woke up thinking I would eat some cereal for breakfast only to find out that I had eaten the last of the cereal the morning before. I ate goldfish for breakfast, and while I was doing so, I wondered if I could just have added milk and eaten them like cereal. Then I googled it. I'm not the only person to ever have thought of eating goldfish as cereal. Here's a video from Good Mythical Morning:

3. Speaking of cereal, I went to Kroger yesterday, and Honey Bunches of Oats were all on sale for cheaper than the store brand cereal. I'm regretting not having bought more now that I'm thinking about tit.

4. Some shower thoughts I read recently that made me laugh:
           1. We're already living in space.
           2. Church is just the world's biggest book club.
           3. Imagine being naked and walking into a room where everyone wants to touch you. That's the life of a dog or cat. 
           4. Internet Browsers should wait to ask me if I want to save my password until after I have figured out if I input the right one. 

5. I bought a multi-pack of fun-sized M&M bags for Trunk or Treat. Literally no one wanted the plain ones, but I suspect there were more plain packets than peanut or peanut butter. I feel cheated. I bought cookie dough so I can use those plain M&Ms in a more appealing way.

Ok, that's all I have to say. Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spinster DIY: Bouquet Costume

So, last night was my church's Trunk or Treat. I waited too long to take a photo, and it got dark, and I had already given away two of my giant flowers. Nonetheless, I had a friend take a photo so you could sort of get an idea.

To get some different levels, I stuffed a dog bed I keep in my car under the black felt, so my "garden" wouldn't be flat. In the front, you'll see a box of bubbles that sort of ruined the composition, but the kids loved them.

If I hadn't been trying to do this trunk as cheaply as possible, I perhaps would have used green felt instead of black so that it would look more like a garden. However, I already had the black felt, so I used that.

I was also painting faces, so that's why the chairs are in front of my car.

I'm proud to say that aside from the candy, I spent less than $5 on my whole trunk-and-costume combo. The flowers were made of watercolored printer paper, for which I already had all the supplies. I already had the dress from a clothing swap, and the felt was from a show I did last year. I spent sixty-nine cents each on two pieces of neon pink cardboard for the big flower on my dress. The bubbles, face paint, and chairs were provided by the children's ministry at my church.

Side note: If you notice that my feet look weird in this photo, it's because my legs are crossed because I'm mid-fall in this photo. Ha. Of course.

Now a few technical notes:

1. The Head Piece:
          I already had a metal headband, and I added an oval of of poster paper to it as a base to stabilize the flower. Then, I used packaging tape to attach the big white flower to the oval of poster board. Voila! My head piece!

2. The Flowers On My Dress:
          I used big spring-loaded hair clips to attach these to my dress and just taped them onto the back of the flowers with packaging tape. That didn't hold super great, but it did last until I needed to take off the flowers.

3. Adding Bases to the Flowers:
          The centers of the flowers are a little awkward to glue in place, especially if you're using white glue like I was. I'm not a huge fan of hot glue guns, and I already had white glue, so that's what I used. Toward the end of this craft project, I decided to add an X-Shaped piece of paper to the bottom of these. The center of the 'X' was large enough to  cover the bottom of the piece, and then the legs of the 'X', as it were, to the sides of the center piece. Once that was dry, I was able to just add the glue to the bottom, and stick it on. There you go. Much easier, and much more stable!

Ok, I'll be wearing this one again tonight because...well, it was basically free, and I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself. Happy Saturday!