Sunday, January 31, 2016

Atlanta Spinstering: Sparkles

I've made a new friend here in Atlanta over the past few months, and I think she's pretty cool. She asked me earlier this week if I wanted to hang out on Saturday, and of course I said yes. We had some discussion about what we would do, and as a result, I found out she's a talented archer, so I'm hoping she'll teach me that at some point. But, for yesterday, we settled on roller skating at Sparkles in Smyrna, GA.

Over the summer I purchased a pair of used roller skates at Play It Again Sports, thinking I would have a roller skating birthday party for my 30th birthday. I wanted to customize them and get glitter wheels. However, my roller skating party plans fell through, and I fell off my roller skates in the parking lot, so this purchase hadn't yet reached the cost-per-wear ratio I was hoping for.

So, Fran and I headed for Smyrna, and we stopped at Ebony and Ivory for lunch. Ebony and Ivory is a barbecue restaurant without seating. they offer pork bbq, chicken, catfish, tacos, and an array of sauces and sides. I ordered two catfish tacos, tater tots, baked beans, and a sweet tea, and Fran got a chicken taco, a catfish taco, sweet potato fries, collard greens, and a sweet tea. We popped the tailgate of my car and ate in the parking lot. Yesterday was a beautiful day.

Ebony and Ivory did not disappoint. I wish they did have seating because if the weather hadn't been nice, we'd have been stuck eating in the front seat of my car which isn't quite as charming as the tailgate. I'd like to go back again just because I'd like to try the actual barbecue and some of their sauces (the list included the old favorites but also peach bbq sauce and white bbq sauce).

I had some concerns about Sparkles. Sometimes skating rinks can be really dirty or full of unruly kids. However, Sparkles was clean and organized with plenty of adult supervision. The bathrooms were even pretty clean.

As Fran and I made our laps around the rink, there was ample opportunity for people watching. There were adults who were quite expert, even doing a few tricks here and there. There was the obstacle course of children falling unexpectedly right in our path. There were teenage girls dressed in crop tops who somehow managed to dance atop their wheels. And then, of course, there was a long-suffering rink supervisor who had to keep an eye out for all those beginners and their walkers-on-wheels, blowing her whistle whenever they strayed outside of their designated area in the center.

I am happy to report that neither Fran nor I was injured during our day of juvenile frolicking. I can only hope that more of my friends want to go roller skating again. I quite enjoyed it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Spinster on a Friday Night

Yesterday I renewed my business license and felt so accomplished I decided I'd order takeout for dinner and watch documentaries. In a strange turn of events, I got too lazy and ate a healthy dinner of chicken and steamed broccoli while watching the racism episode of Chelsea Does. Miranda, as you can see, was unimpressed.

In other news, I still have not found my flash drive, so no one has been privy to any "hang-holding." that's a shame. I was looking forward to figuring out what that even was.

I hope you all have an excellent saturday. I, for one, will be going roller skating. That is the truth. I am 30 years old, and I cannot wait to go roller skating. Perhaps you should, too.

Friday, January 29, 2016

I Lost My Flash Drive

So yesterday I started working on a handout for an Illustrator workshop I'm doing at SCAD. I went to find the flash drive I'd been using most recently, and I could not find it. As you can imagine, I looked everywhere. Then I panicked and looked some more. Spinsters, I cannot seem to find my flash drive. So, I looked on this blog to see if I had any recent photographs of my flash drive (we wouldn't want to have to do age progression), and I found this photo. It's not very high-resolution, but I think you'd be able to recognize it if you saw it at Cracker Barrel with a kidnapper.

The good news is that My flash drive has some identifying characteristics. I wrote on the back with a fine tipped red sharpie. So, that's like it has a tattoo. If it shows up in the morgue you'll know it's mine.

On the flash drive: lots of illustrator files. Lots and lots of illustrator files. I called Office Depot, where I'd had some emergency business cards printed a little while back, but they hadn't seen it. I went to the UPS store where I'd printed something. They had some lost flash drives, but none of them were mine. Hopefully those flash drives will find their parents soon, though.

So, I've made this reward poster in case anyone does find my flash drive. I just realized it says "awkward Hang-holding" instead of "hand-holding" but, you know...if you know what hang-holding is and it's not gross or illegal, I may consider it.

Thank you in advance for your vigilance. I would greatly appreciate the return of my precious flash drive. Until then, I'll have to use a different one - one with far less files on it.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: Clean Eating

eating-a-donut, clean-eating-meme

So, a few weeks ago, I saw an interview with Mark Wahlberg where he talked bout eating clean. Yesterday, while showering, I had the thought illustrated above. You know, I do my best thinking in the shower.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Atlanta Spinstering: Stuff You Should Know

Last night, a couple friends and I went to the Variety Playhouse to see Stuff You Should Know recorded in front of a live audience. The event was general seating, and on our way in the door, the girl in front of us in line fainted, and one of my friends ended up being the one to call an ambulance. I'm glad we helped a sister out, but I'm sad to say this meant we had to sit way in the back, and the above photo (taken by my friend Aly) was the best we could do for imagery.

The show started with a little bit of standup from the two of them - a relaxed back and forth about whatever was going on in their lives and on their tour. This set them up for several jokes later in the podcast which I was sad to think they had said to a bunch of other audiences. Still, they were pretty funny.

Now, when listening to the podcast, it's obviously been edited down from its original recording because there's a lot more chit-chat between the two hosts than you hear on a recording. Finally, though, they did get to the main topic of discussion for the night, and it was a good one.

The topic for this podcast was D.B. Cooper. Within the first sentence, one of my friends knew what the subject would be, and she was pumped. If you're unfamiliar with the story, it's basically an unsolved hijacking in which no one is sure if the culprit survived or made off with any of his money. Chuck and Josh's telling of this tale was entertaining if a little drawn out. I find myself wishing at some times that they would stop messing around and get to the point. However, that did not detract from the many laugh-out-loud moments in the presentation.

Stuff You Should Know's podcast on D.B. Cooper will supposedly air at some later date, and when it does, you should listen. It is a pretty cool story. Now, though, I really need to know who D.B. Cooper was and what happened to him. Chuck? Josh? Please. Figure it out. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Palette Painting!

It's Tuesday, and I'm already a little behind on my work for the week. I'm behind for a good reason, though! Yesterday I got to go back and spend half the day at SCAD helping students with Illustrator. Since Adobe Illustrator is one of my favorite things, I had an excellent time.

Because I'm behind, though, I'm just posting another one of those lumpy palette paintings for your enjoyment. This one is very small - I think it's something like 6" x 6" or 4" x 4". It's not dry  yet, but when it is I may post it on Etsy and see how it goes. What do you think? Certainly it's too small to live all by its lonesome on a wall, but it could be a fun part of a gallery wall.

Now, I need to get to eating breakfast and painting portraits! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Spinster Binge: Nurse Jackie

Edie-Falco-Nurse-Jackie, Nurse-Jackie-Illustration

I loved The Sopranos. So, when I saw that Edie Falco was starring in Nurse Jackie in 2009, I tuned in. This was a totally different role for Falco, and I was intrigued. Unfortunately, though, I moved to an apartment that did not have Showtime sometime during the second season. Then, a few weeks ago, I saw that Netflix was now carrying the show's entire run. I had painting to do, and I had recently finished Scandal, so I hunkered down and started watching.

For those of you who missed Nurse Jackie, it's the story of Jackie Peyton, a nurse at All Saints hospital who, among other things, is abusing prescription painkillers. True to form for HBO and Showtime shows, she's a deeply flawed character, but the audience roots for her through all her bad choices because she's not all bad. In fact, she's quite a good and caring nurse.

Jackie lives in Astoria, Queens, and so this adds a little something extra for me, personally. The Kaufman Astoria Studios (where I assume this series was mostly shot) were in my orbit when I lived in Astoria, and so I recognize quite a few of the restaurants and locations on which the show was shot. It made me a little homesick for my old neighborhood, but you don't have to be a current or former Astorian to enjoy the series.

I'm not going to spoil the show for you, but I think that, besides the drama that will keep you coming back, there are quite a few charming, endearing characters that make this show a good watch. Among my favorites are Zoey Barkow and Eddie Walzer. You probably won't like Eddie at first, but he became one of my favorites.

As can be expected from Showtime shoes, there are a few racy scenes here and there, especially in season 5 with the introduction of Dr. Carrie Roman. So, you know, brace yourself. And then, of course, there is quite a bit of drug use.

An interesting thing to watch over the 80 episodes is the evolution of the cast. Zoey's love life is pretty interesting for a while, and I think Jackie gets prettier as the series progresses. If you're a Tony Shalhoub fan, stick around till the end, and you'll get a little bit of him, too.

I can't say I know, exactly, what happens to Jackie at the end, but we can discuss that when you're finished watching. Get back to me. Thanks.

If you're looking for your next binge while you wait the excruciating weeks between episodes of Downton Abbey and unbearable months until the next season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I say give Jackie a try.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spinster Screening: The 5th Wave

Last night I had a spinster date with my friend Sara to see The 5th Wave. Sara has read the books, but I have not. Honestly, Where books-turned-movies are concerned, unless it's been years and years since reading the book, I think not reading it is a total advantage. Of course, I'm not promoting illiteracy. I'm just know...wait until after the YA movie comes out.

So this movie featured a lot of plaid, plenty of clear teen skin, and Chloe Grace Moretz's perfect, perfect nose. However perfect her nose is and however old she is now (18, according to Google), I wasn't quite ready to see her kissing a guy who is 25...and looks 25. Still, I'll probably see the second movie. You know, I'm a sucker for a series.

All right. This cold weather has me lacking motivation in every way. I even lack the oomph to finish this post and make it into a real review. Go see the movie...or don't. But if you love to see Chloe Grace Moretz's beautiful nose and face beyond the Coach ads, I recommend this as a showcase.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Atlanta Spinstering: Snow!

It snowed last night in Atlanta, and here is a photo I took from my balcony this morning when I realized it was snowing. I intentionally included the tree because it seemed season-appropriate.

It doesn't snow much down here in the south, but when it does, people get crazy. They love snow. After years of braving dirty drifts taller than I was and accidentally ending up ankle deep in puddles of brown icy sludge, I have different feelings. All this weather makes me want to do is eat takeout in bed, and that's exactly how I spent my Friday night. However, the amount of snow we got last night - what you might call a "light dusting" - seems acceptable.

So, I felt the need to share this photos of Miranda's encounter with her BFF Stella this morning on our first walk of the day. They are adorable best friends.

A video posted by jonezee85 (@jonezee85) on

If the video isn't showing up (like it is wont to do, I posted it on My instagram (@Jonezee85) this morning because puppies are adorable.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy playing in the snow...or staying in and watching Netflix.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Gif: Lipstick

So, if you follow this blog religiously enough, then you know I've got a Tumblr as well. It's just got random stuff I like, and whenever I make a gif, I share it there. I made today's gif just for the Tumblr, but of course I'm sharing it here first. I still haven't started on my Valentines for the year, but I think a temporary lip tattoo gif is a nice way to ease ourselves into that idea.

Not familiar with temporary lip tattoos? Well. Thankfully there are bunches of tutorials on Youtube. But, I've embedded a video from Kandee Johnson today for funsies.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Audible Spinstering: Yes Please

I got in line for Amy Poehler's Yes Please through my library's collection of audiobooks some months ago. So, when I received the notice it was available, it was a nice surprise. My friend Sara had previously lent it to me, but I got caught up listening to something else and never listened. Sorry, Sara.

Now, let's continue. It would be impossible to talk about this book without comparing it to Tina Fey's Bossypants. As everyone knows, these two are best buddies, but I was kind of surprised at how different they are. While Tinay Fey's book includes tales of her tame life and lack of dates, Amy Poehler seems to have been popular, had plenty of dates, and even did drugs. So...there's that. Still, most of my friends have led lives far less tame and spinsterly than my own, so I suppose I shouldn't find this surprising.

Moving on to the actual content of the book. The introduction is long-winded and bemoans the effort required to actually write a book. But, I do think if you're a fan of Parks and Recreation, you'll particularly enjoy the section where she talks about all of her castmates. If you're a fan of UCB, you'll really enjoy her part in its formation and its move to New York. I had no idea she was such an integral part of that.

There's a fairly extended part of this book, too, that's about motherhood. I have to admit that didn't really strike my fancy all that much. I understand that that's a huge and miraculous thing, but until (or even if) I experience that, it's all going to seem a little less poignant than it does for women who are mothers. So, if you're a mother, you'll enjoy that, too. but maybe don't listen to this book around your kids...she doesn't hold back on the curse words.

As far as the audio part of this book is concerned, I must say I think it's probably at it's best when listened to and not read. She has guest readers like Seth Myers, Kathleen Turner, and Poehler's family. Poehler even reads the final chapter aloud to an audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

So, I think if you're a mom who doesn't mind some curse words and loves Amy Poehler, this is a great read for you! Mostly, though, if you like UCB or Parks and Rec, or just Amy Poehler in general, I say go for it. Listen, don't read. You'll have a better time. enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday: A Heart Gif

Ok, ok. So I woke up at 4:30 AM, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Somehow, though, I didn't use that time to make the stop motion gif I was thinking about. It's hard to get out of bed in the cold, ok? Right. We discussed that yesterday.

So, since I've suddenly realized I'm behind in my Valentine production this year, I decided I'd make a heart gif just for fun. I made this one a little differently than I have been. I made it in Illustrator and used the path >>Blend option instead of manually illustrating it. Thanks, Illustrator.

Ok, I hope you have an excellent Wednesday. My heart gif beats for you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's too cold for this.

This morning, I was having an excellent dream that I was giving makeovers to the cast of Dawson's Creek on the Today show when I was so rudely reintroduced into reality by...well, I'm not sure what, but I woke up. It was one of those mornings when the sheets feel especially soft, and your bed feels just the right amount of warm, and the pillows are cradling your head as if it were a newborn baby. So, I took to Facebook, Instagram, my email account, and finally, the weather. The above photo is what I saw. 

The thing is I lived in New York for six years, one of which included a blizzard so bad my cab driver had to leave his cab over night in the snow drift where we got stuck. I had a special way of dressing in the morning to ensure that every part of my body had at least two layers. Really, for months at a time, I wouldn't even check the weather in the morning. I just knew it would be bitter cold. Now, though, cold weather is such a shock it almost makes me angry.

I did, indeed, get out of bed this morning. My poor puppy had to go to the bathroom. I can only imagine what it's like for her to be naked and relieving herself outdoors. But alas, she does not like to wear clothes. 

I entitled this post "It's too cold for this," and I suppose you may wonder what the "this" is to which I'm referring. Well, really, it's anything. Anything at all. It's too cold to do anything. I want to make a blanket fort with a space heater inside and read books in a sleeping bag. However, I will do work today. I'm just thankful that work happens in my apartment, and I happen to like it very much. Portrait queue, here I come!

I hope you're nicely bundled today. It's too cold to go out any other way.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Fun Day: Makeup Gif

Happy Sunday! Here's a gif of lipstick and mascara. This one's sort of like the Donald Trump one but...significantly more attractive.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's 8:28 AM, and I've been awake for about an hour and a half. Still, I think my brain is not quite ready for the day. So, today I'll be sharing some links I liked from this week.

Above is a photo of Miranda after the harrowing experience of being bathed. It doesn't have anything to do with the links you'll find below, but I feel like it pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

So, let's look at some links:

1. Miss Moss has a post about Pajamas I think you'll enjoy.

2. Arro Home has some pretty cute, quirky pillows (or "cushions" as they call them).

3. If you're a cat lady spinster, you may need this amazing cat calendar

4. Alphabet Bags has made this back to bed sweatshirt, and I think they made it just for me.

5. Check out these crazy face mugs from Artismia. I like to imagine what it'd be like to take your coffee with you into a meeting in one of these.

Ok, spinsters. Enjoy your Saturday. I'm going to hug my dog.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Fun: Donald Trump

Spinsters, it is Friday, and so we need to have some fun. That's why I made this gif of how Donald Trump's hair looks like Cotton Candy. I hope this gets your Friday off to an excellent start. We're halfway through January, so that means you should start making your Valentines now. I know I will.

Now, go forth and enjoy yourselves with this image looping in your mind. Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crazy Palette Painting

So, when I paint all these portraits, I have to have a place to clean my brush. I used to use a paper towel, but that felt pretty wasteful. So, I started using a 10"x10" canvas that had been sitting in my closet for untold seasons.

The image you see above is the result. There are at least 20 paintings worth of paint textures there, but the colors are from the painting I most recently made for my mom, which was not, of course, a portrait.

This palette painting is going to my sister, who is having a baby and decorating a nursery. However, it got such a response on Instagram that I think I'll have to post my next one on Etsy and see how it does! Stay tuned. I'll post a link.

Happy Thursday...don't forget to listen to the latest episode of Serial.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just for fun: Gifs and Flipbooks

It's been colder than usual here in Atlanta, so in efforts to stay in bed longer than necessary in the morning, I have taken to scrolling through my Instagram feed before getting out of bed. This morning, one of the accounts I follow (@artworldly) had reposted a video from The Flippist. So, I headed over to their Instagram,  and spent longer there than I'd care to admit. In short, I'm obsessed.

Because I loved the flip book idea so much, I decided today would be a good day for a gif. Of course, this gif is nothing like the amazing illustrated flip books The Flippist makes. It's just the product of the selfie stick my mom gave me for Christmas. You wouldn't think a 30-year-old would have so much fun with something so silly.

I hope the speed of this gif hasn't sent you into seizures. Have an Excellent Wednesday, and check out The Flippist! I think you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Audible Spinstering: Limetown

During a text discussion of our disappointment about this season of Serial, my friend Aly suggested I have a listen to Limetown, a seven episode series I immediately started streaming.

At first, I thought it was another investigative reporting series, but halfway into the first episode, Aly informed me that this was fiction, which made a lot more sense. It's a strange SciFi mystery podcast. It's a little scary and a lot weird, but if you've already listened to everything you wanted to hear this week, give it a go. I finished the whole thing while working on Friday, so I won't spoil it for you. The end is a cliffhanger, though, so I'm definitely going to be listening to the next season.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Spinster Binge: Scandal

Seasons 1-4 of Scandal are on Netflix, and I recently succumbed to the media's constant raving and watched them all. It took some doing, but I have exhausted Netflix's Olivia Pope supply.

Kerry Washington is beautiful and svelte and dressed superbly, and the show is absolutely addictive. If I could just have her body and her entire wardrobe I think I could be a happy woman. The affairs and the drama, however, I could live without. I'm certainly happy to watch them from the safety of my sofa.

While Olivia is the most outstanding character of this ensemble cast, she's not my favorite one. That honor falls to one who calls himself Huck. You may recognize the actor, Guillermo Diaz, from his performance as Guillermo in Weeds. He's much more lovable on this show, though, and while he's still executing criminal acts, somehow they seem much more justifiable here.

I don't think i can tell you anything about Scandal that you haven't already heard in the media and wouldn't be a spoiler. BUT if you're looking for a new addiction and are somehow as late to the party as I was, I recommend you start mainlining Scandal pronto.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Serial Season 2: Why?

So, for the first season of the Serial Podcast, we explored the case of one Adnan Syed, and the nation was hooked. There were even a couple of offshoot podcasts with supplementary information and discussion after Serial itself had ended. So, of course, we were all looking forward to season two. Well, we're now four episodes into the second season, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed.

Why am I disappointed? Well, of course I'm going to tell you. Mostly, it's this season's subject, Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl's case and trial have been in the news for a while, so we're all a little more familiar with this one than we were with Adnan Syed, and most of us have already formed opinions.

Bergdahl admits to having gone AWOL. That's the first thing. And then the rest of it so far is just his describing what happened while he was being held captive by the Taliban. Don't get me wrong. It sounds horrible, and I never would have made it through, but I just...I dunno. I feel like this isn't the same sort of mystery we got last season.

On top of my disappointment about this season's subject matter, I also just wonder why this story in particular? There are so many other stories we could be discussing. What about JonBenet Ramsey? Or the missing Malaysian flight? C'mon Serial!

I've discussed this with several of my fellow Serial fans, and we're al a little sad. I mean, I'll still listen to the podcast of course, but I'm really hoping that next season will be something a little more interesting.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Spinster Thoughts: Friday Nights are for Bagel Bites

Last night I ate broccoli and bagel bites for dinner. It just seemed right. To be extra fancy, I baked them in the oven like a real adult instead of using the microwave. The difference is obvious. That little extra crunch and the lack of still-frozen spots right next to molten lava-esque portions really does improve the whole experience.

I used to give myself permission to hermit for the entire weekend, saying that I'd reached my people-time limit while at the office all week. However, now that I spend my days wearing sweatpants and listening to podcasts while I paint portraits, somehow a Friday night in seems extra decadent.

You've Got Mail was on TV last night, too. It was the 1998 version, and with all the advances in technology and online dating since then, the whole thing seems endearing and quaint for all its naiveté about how internet relationships would really play out when things really got moving. Still, the movie is charming. If you haven't watched You've Got Mail recently and have experienced online dating in the 18 years since, you'll get a particular kick out of it.

All told, it was a lovely evening with a sweet puppy perched on my lap. If you're looking for a way to spinster next Friday night, might I suggest you try my new motto? It's "Friday nights are for bagel bites."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

#WIP: Stanley Brown


So, now that the holidays are over, I'm back to work! I'm thankful to already have a queue of pet and people portraits. Today, I wanted to share the first one I finished this year! Above you'll see a portrait of Stanley Brown the dog while his portrait was drying. I'm going to ship him this morning! Very exciting!

Now, in case you weren't following along on Instagram, here are the Work-in-progress (#WIP) photos.

Here's the first shot. it looks a little brighter because I put an Instagram filter on it. But at this point i've just painted the first coat of the background. 

Here's Stanley Brown a little further along - with most of the first coat of paint while I'm still working out all the color placements. 

And here's Stanley Brown with his first coat finished. You can see the background is still al little spotty. 

And here again is Stanley brown finished and drying! Stay tuned for more works in progress. OR if you'd like to see more of the finished portraits, visit

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spinster Uniform: Dog Walking

fashion-illustration, fashion-sketch

It's been a while since I posted a little fashion doodle, so when I saw myself in the mirror this morning before taking Miranda for a walk, I thought I should share the beautiful ensemble I was wearing. Now, it's been a little chilly here in Atlanta for the past few days, so unfortunately for anyone who might actually see me walking my dog, all of this is covered with a coat and scarf. Still, in case you want to duplicate this look for your own spinstering, I'll tell you what's involved. Below you'll find an itemized list of the components you'll need.

1. A messy sleep bun:
          When I wake up in the morning, my sleep bun is generally half gone. It's sagging, and there are lots of what we used to call "whipies" hanging in my face. So, generally I have to reposition the bun, but it still looks like I slept on it.

2. Glasses:
          Generally, I keep a pair of glasses on my bedside table for bedtime reading. These are generally the oldest ones I have or my least favorite just in case I fall asleep and they get all twisted.

3. Sweatshirt:
          Topping this look off with a sweatshirt is a way to disguise the fact that I'm not about to put on a bra before I've had a shower. This particular one, which says "put on your dancing shoes" came from Uniqlo a couple of seasons ago. Generally, though, I wear my favorite hoodie from Aviator Nation. It's sweaty right now, though, because I went running in it.

4. Sleep dress:
          I love a good sleep dress. It's just like an extra long tee shirt...which I wear from time to time as well. Today, though, it's this lovely summer sleep dress I got from Walmart a little while ago. Because I'm classy.

5. Sweatpants:
          I like the $8 sweatpants from the men's department at Walmart. They have pockets as well as elastic at the ankles. I really know I've hit my spinster peak when I'm wearing them and the knees are stretched out so much that it looks like I'm always squatting.

6. Vans:
          I can't be bothered to put on socks when I go out in the morning, though I know I should. Slip on Vans are the best and easiest way to cover your feet while on your way out the door. Generally, I like flip flops or my coach moccasins, but I've discovered that vans offer better coverage than flip flops and are more waterproof than my moccasins. So, vans it is!

Now that you know how you an spinster like a champ while walking your dog, I give you my blessing to step outside without your makeup and make sure that little best friend gets to go to the bathroom. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Audible Spinstering: Beyond Belief

After I listened to Leah Remini's Troublemaker, Audible suggested I listen to Jenna Miscavige Hill's Beyond Belief. Now, if you know anything about Scientology, then you know that Hill's maiden name is important here. David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology, is Hill's uncle. So, it's kind of a big deal that she left Scientology.

Jenna Miscavige Hill was born into Scientology, and so her life had no other frame of reference. She grew up mostly away from her parents as is apparently common in scientologist families who work in the church. This made questioning scientology and its leadership more difficult for Hill than for Remini. Eventually, though, (and I don't consider this a spoiler...this is, after all, a book about leaving Scientology) Hill does come to question everything she has spent her life believing.

Jenna Miscavige Hill's exit from Scientology was much more protracted than Leah Remini's. In fact, this portion of the book was so suspenseful that I could easily see watching it as a movie.

I don't want to spoil any of the book for you in case this is your particular cup of tea. However, I will say that if you're at all interested in people who escape from controlling situations, you will enjoy this book. The narrator sounds a little bit like a  young Alicia Silverstone, but other than that, I give it two thumbs up.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Spinster Binge: The Wolfpack

So, today's topic isn't technically a binge since it's not a series, just a film. However, it's crazy, and I'd like to recommend it.

The Wolfpack is on Netflix right now, and after a friend recommended it to me, I decided to check it out. This documentary is about a family of nine on the Lower east side of New York city who rarely leaves their apartment. The story focuses mainly on the six sons in the family who entertain themselves by reenacting their favorite films, complete with home made costumes.

There is much about this family that is left unsaid. For example, I feel like the mother is holding back about her relationship with her husband, the enforcer of the stay-home policy. I think, though, that this gives the film a little more integrity and less of a voyeuristic slant. In this way, director Crystal Moselle manages to focus more on the children and their unbelievable creativity and positivity.

I hope to see more of the Angulo family outside of their apartment now that I know they exist. I think you should, too.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Spinster Screening: Joy

jennifer-lawrence-joy, jlaw, jennifer-lawrence-drawing, drawing-of-jennifer-lawrence, jennifer-lawrence-graphic

Because there's a $4.27 theater near me, I have been seeing some movies. Most recently, I saw the newest David O. Russell/Jennifer Lawrence movie, Joy. After I saw it, I think I can safely say that I am a huge fan of David O. Russell. he, of course, makes great casting choices, but whoever does wardrobe for him is an absolute genius. A quick google search has shown me that a man named Michael Wilkinson is the guy.

Now, before I saw this movie, I somehow missed how it was inspired by a real woman. Her name is Joy Mangano, and she did indeed invented the miracle mop.

This movie is such a delight that I don't want to ruin any of it for you. I just think you should go see it. The whole cast is excellent, and the writing is brilliant. So, go see it.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Spinster Binge: Making a Murderer

seven-avery-illustration, making-a-murderer

Now that I work from home, I spend a lot of time listening to the radio and audiobooks. I also spend a lot of time half listening to and half watching Netflix. Most recently, I've watched a show called Making a Murderer, and spinsters, it is crazy.

If you were hooked on listening to Adnan Syed's story on Serial, then I think you'll very much like this show. This true life look into the life of exoneree Steven Avery and the crime for which he is, at the time of the show, suspected is another real mystery.

The thing that's a little different about this story is that it takes place in a small town in the midwest, and its main character is, perhaps, not the brightest crayon in the box. This, at least in my view, makes him fairly likable. Additionally, his family and friends have hairstyles and wardrobes that would make David O. Russell buy the rights for this feature film.  (Think The Fighter. )

I don't want to spoil anything about this show for you, but I do think the best I can say is that if you liked last season of Serial, you'll like this show a lot. And, when you're finished watching, please do let me know what you think...guilty or not guilty?