Atlanta Spinstering: Snow!

It snowed last night in Atlanta, and here is a photo I took from my balcony this morning when I realized it was snowing. I intentionally included the tree because it seemed season-appropriate.

It doesn't snow much down here in the south, but when it does, people get crazy. They love snow. After years of braving dirty drifts taller than I was and accidentally ending up ankle deep in puddles of brown icy sludge, I have different feelings. All this weather makes me want to do is eat takeout in bed, and that's exactly how I spent my Friday night. However, the amount of snow we got last night - what you might call a "light dusting" - seems acceptable.

So, I felt the need to share this photos of Miranda's encounter with her BFF Stella this morning on our first walk of the day. They are adorable best friends.

A video posted by jonezee85 (@jonezee85) on

If the video isn't showing up (like it is wont to do, I posted it on My instagram (@Jonezee85) this morning because puppies are adorable.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy playing in the snow...or staying in and watching Netflix.

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