I Lost My Flash Drive

So yesterday I started working on a handout for an Illustrator workshop I'm doing at SCAD. I went to find the flash drive I'd been using most recently, and I could not find it. As you can imagine, I looked everywhere. Then I panicked and looked some more. Spinsters, I cannot seem to find my flash drive. So, I looked on this blog to see if I had any recent photographs of my flash drive (we wouldn't want to have to do age progression), and I found this photo. It's not very high-resolution, but I think you'd be able to recognize it if you saw it at Cracker Barrel with a kidnapper.

The good news is that My flash drive has some identifying characteristics. I wrote on the back with a fine tipped red sharpie. So, that's like it has a tattoo. If it shows up in the morgue you'll know it's mine.

On the flash drive: lots of illustrator files. Lots and lots of illustrator files. I called Office Depot, where I'd had some emergency business cards printed a little while back, but they hadn't seen it. I went to the UPS store where I'd printed something. They had some lost flash drives, but none of them were mine. Hopefully those flash drives will find their parents soon, though.

So, I've made this reward poster in case anyone does find my flash drive. I just realized it says "awkward Hang-holding" instead of "hand-holding" but, you know...if you know what hang-holding is and it's not gross or illegal, I may consider it.

Thank you in advance for your vigilance. I would greatly appreciate the return of my precious flash drive. Until then, I'll have to use a different one - one with far less files on it.

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