It's too cold for this.

This morning, I was having an excellent dream that I was giving makeovers to the cast of Dawson's Creek on the Today show when I was so rudely reintroduced into reality by...well, I'm not sure what, but I woke up. It was one of those mornings when the sheets feel especially soft, and your bed feels just the right amount of warm, and the pillows are cradling your head as if it were a newborn baby. So, I took to Facebook, Instagram, my email account, and finally, the weather. The above photo is what I saw. 

The thing is I lived in New York for six years, one of which included a blizzard so bad my cab driver had to leave his cab over night in the snow drift where we got stuck. I had a special way of dressing in the morning to ensure that every part of my body had at least two layers. Really, for months at a time, I wouldn't even check the weather in the morning. I just knew it would be bitter cold. Now, though, cold weather is such a shock it almost makes me angry.

I did, indeed, get out of bed this morning. My poor puppy had to go to the bathroom. I can only imagine what it's like for her to be naked and relieving herself outdoors. But alas, she does not like to wear clothes. 

I entitled this post "It's too cold for this," and I suppose you may wonder what the "this" is to which I'm referring. Well, really, it's anything. Anything at all. It's too cold to do anything. I want to make a blanket fort with a space heater inside and read books in a sleeping bag. However, I will do work today. I'm just thankful that work happens in my apartment, and I happen to like it very much. Portrait queue, here I come!

I hope you're nicely bundled today. It's too cold to go out any other way.

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