Just for fun: Gifs and Flipbooks

It's been colder than usual here in Atlanta, so in efforts to stay in bed longer than necessary in the morning, I have taken to scrolling through my Instagram feed before getting out of bed. This morning, one of the accounts I follow (@artworldly) had reposted a video from The Flippist. So, I headed over to their Instagram,  and spent longer there than I'd care to admit. In short, I'm obsessed.

Because I loved the flip book idea so much, I decided today would be a good day for a gif. Of course, this gif is nothing like the amazing illustrated flip books The Flippist makes. It's just the product of the selfie stick my mom gave me for Christmas. You wouldn't think a 30-year-old would have so much fun with something so silly.

I hope the speed of this gif hasn't sent you into seizures. Have an Excellent Wednesday, and check out The Flippist! I think you'll enjoy it.

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