Spinster Binge: Scandal

Seasons 1-4 of Scandal are on Netflix, and I recently succumbed to the media's constant raving and watched them all. It took some doing, but I have exhausted Netflix's Olivia Pope supply.

Kerry Washington is beautiful and svelte and dressed superbly, and the show is absolutely addictive. If I could just have her body and her entire wardrobe I think I could be a happy woman. The affairs and the drama, however, I could live without. I'm certainly happy to watch them from the safety of my sofa.

While Olivia is the most outstanding character of this ensemble cast, she's not my favorite one. That honor falls to one who calls himself Huck. You may recognize the actor, Guillermo Diaz, from his performance as Guillermo in Weeds. He's much more lovable on this show, though, and while he's still executing criminal acts, somehow they seem much more justifiable here.

I don't think i can tell you anything about Scandal that you haven't already heard in the media and wouldn't be a spoiler. BUT if you're looking for a new addiction and are somehow as late to the party as I was, I recommend you start mainlining Scandal pronto.

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