Spinster Thoughts: Friday Nights are for Bagel Bites

Last night I ate broccoli and bagel bites for dinner. It just seemed right. To be extra fancy, I baked them in the oven like a real adult instead of using the microwave. The difference is obvious. That little extra crunch and the lack of still-frozen spots right next to molten lava-esque portions really does improve the whole experience.

I used to give myself permission to hermit for the entire weekend, saying that I'd reached my people-time limit while at the office all week. However, now that I spend my days wearing sweatpants and listening to podcasts while I paint portraits, somehow a Friday night in seems extra decadent.

You've Got Mail was on TV last night, too. It was the 1998 version, and with all the advances in technology and online dating since then, the whole thing seems endearing and quaint for all its naiveté about how internet relationships would really play out when things really got moving. Still, the movie is charming. If you haven't watched You've Got Mail recently and have experienced online dating in the 18 years since, you'll get a particular kick out of it.

All told, it was a lovely evening with a sweet puppy perched on my lap. If you're looking for a way to spinster next Friday night, might I suggest you try my new motto? It's "Friday nights are for bagel bites."

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