Spinster Uniform: Dog Walking

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It's been a while since I posted a little fashion doodle, so when I saw myself in the mirror this morning before taking Miranda for a walk, I thought I should share the beautiful ensemble I was wearing. Now, it's been a little chilly here in Atlanta for the past few days, so unfortunately for anyone who might actually see me walking my dog, all of this is covered with a coat and scarf. Still, in case you want to duplicate this look for your own spinstering, I'll tell you what's involved. Below you'll find an itemized list of the components you'll need.

1. A messy sleep bun:
          When I wake up in the morning, my sleep bun is generally half gone. It's sagging, and there are lots of what we used to call "whipies" hanging in my face. So, generally I have to reposition the bun, but it still looks like I slept on it.

2. Glasses:
          Generally, I keep a pair of glasses on my bedside table for bedtime reading. These are generally the oldest ones I have or my least favorite just in case I fall asleep and they get all twisted.

3. Sweatshirt:
          Topping this look off with a sweatshirt is a way to disguise the fact that I'm not about to put on a bra before I've had a shower. This particular one, which says "put on your dancing shoes" came from Uniqlo a couple of seasons ago. Generally, though, I wear my favorite hoodie from Aviator Nation. It's sweaty right now, though, because I went running in it.

4. Sleep dress:
          I love a good sleep dress. It's just like an extra long tee shirt...which I wear from time to time as well. Today, though, it's this lovely summer sleep dress I got from Walmart a little while ago. Because I'm classy.

5. Sweatpants:
          I like the $8 sweatpants from the men's department at Walmart. They have pockets as well as elastic at the ankles. I really know I've hit my spinster peak when I'm wearing them and the knees are stretched out so much that it looks like I'm always squatting.

6. Vans:
          I can't be bothered to put on socks when I go out in the morning, though I know I should. Slip on Vans are the best and easiest way to cover your feet while on your way out the door. Generally, I like flip flops or my coach moccasins, but I've discovered that vans offer better coverage than flip flops and are more waterproof than my moccasins. So, vans it is!

Now that you know how you an spinster like a champ while walking your dog, I give you my blessing to step outside without your makeup and make sure that little best friend gets to go to the bathroom. Happy Wednesday!

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