Thursday, January 7, 2016

#WIP: Stanley Brown


So, now that the holidays are over, I'm back to work! I'm thankful to already have a queue of pet and people portraits. Today, I wanted to share the first one I finished this year! Above you'll see a portrait of Stanley Brown the dog while his portrait was drying. I'm going to ship him this morning! Very exciting!

Now, in case you weren't following along on Instagram, here are the Work-in-progress (#WIP) photos.

Here's the first shot. it looks a little brighter because I put an Instagram filter on it. But at this point i've just painted the first coat of the background. 

Here's Stanley Brown a little further along - with most of the first coat of paint while I'm still working out all the color placements. 

And here's Stanley Brown with his first coat finished. You can see the background is still al little spotty. 

And here again is Stanley brown finished and drying! Stay tuned for more works in progress. OR if you'd like to see more of the finished portraits, visit