Atlanta Spinstering: SCAD aTV Fest

While I was at SCAD giving the Illustrator workshop, I heard about SCAD Presents a TV Fest. I didn't even know it was going on, so I asked my host what it was. She explained that it was a series of presentations to do with the TV industry and that she did, in fact, have an extra ticket to hear "Miss J," (AKA J. Alexander) speak on Thursday. Of course I said yes!

So, if you're thinking "Miss J" sounds familiar, that's probably because you have, at some point, watched America's Next Top Model. Miss J. is the show's most outrageously dressed judge and advisor.

The presentation was in the form of an interview with J. Alexander and Sarah Collins, SCAD's Associate Chair of the Fashion Department. However, Miss J could basically have done standup if he'd wanted to.

The personality Miss J exhibits on America's Top Model is entertaining, but not nearly as entertaining and engaging as his personality in real life. He feeds off an audience like any good performer, and he is full of energy and hilarious stories. He even does accents and faces - the story about his meeting with Imelda Marcos was particularly funny.

While J. Alexander (real name Alexander Jenkins) had plenty of amazing advice for aspiring Fashion designers, stylists, and reality TV stars, I think I could have listened to him talk about anything. In fact, if he ever decides to do standup, I will try to get a ticket in the front row.

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