Atlanta Spinstering: Illustrator Workshop

Monday and Tuesday of this week I visited SCAD Atlanta to give a workshop on Flat Sketching in Adobe Illustrator. Anyone who's ever worked with me knows I love to sketch flats. That may seem unbelievable to a lot of fashion designers (some consider this grunt work), but I find flat sketching to be almost meditative.

The image above is of my light table and croqui I use to draw flats by hand. That was a small portion of the workshop as well, but since Adobe Illustrator flats are most common now, we spent most of our time on those.

Over the two days, I showed the students some shortcuts and special techniques I thought they'd find helpful. These included but were not limited to: adding distress texture to graphics, creating lace brushes, creating knit stitch fills, adding shading to your flats, and creating heather swatches.

Why am I telling you about this? I'm not really sure. It was fun for me, so I thought I'd share. However, over the two day stint, I put no less than three students to sleep. So maybe it's just me. Sorry, students!

Now, because I'm afraid you're falling asleep, I think I should end this post and make something more interesting for tomorrow. Until then, eat some valentine candy.

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