Spinster Screening: Queen

Last night I went to my friend Deepty's house for a Bollywood night and some delicious treats! The movie she chose was called Queen, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The movie starts with Rani (this means "queen" in english) and the preparations for her marriage to a man who will be coming home from London just of the wedding. It was unclear to me if this was an arranged marriage or if it was just a setup of two people whose parents really liked each other. However, within the first ten or fifteen minutes of the movie, Rani's fiancée, Vijay, has broken off the engagement.

Rani is understandably distraught, but the movie - which I think is a heck of a lot more fun than Eat Pray Love - is about her journey to deal with this disaster. From its initially terrible starting events, the movie becomes more and more fun as it progresses. But, I'm not going to spoil anything else for you.

If you have the fortitude to sit through subtitles, then I highly recommend this movie. It's a lot of fun - especially for the single ladies. Enjoy!

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