sPINster: Some pins from pinterest

Lately I've ben spending a lot of time on Pinterest and Ebay. I'm not really sure why, but I have. I like to start the morning with a little perusal and then get things going. Pinterest is so good for inspiration. I wish it existed when I was in college.

So, just for fun, today I'm sharing some of my recent pins I think you'll like. Let's get started.

1. The Before and After page of Chairloom.com.
          My friend Pat is looking for a new Chair, and while we were discussing this, she sent me a link to this site. They recover vintage furniture and make it look so cool. I'll take one of each, please!

2. The art of Ikenaga Yasunari
          I would very much like a portrait made by this artist. I love all the patterns...and everything else.

3. Watercolor Pet Portraits by Manda.
          Because I paint pet portraits myself, I am always checking out what other people are doing. I like these a lot.

4. These Gold Flower Earrings from Anata Jewelry on Etsy
          I think it's a really cool concept to have the stem of the flower hanging out the back of the piercing. I believe she also has a pinwheel style.

5. Broken glass nail art.
          This makes me want to get a manicure, but I have no idea where one would get this done in Atlanta. And how hard is it to get off?

6. Old Key Art from Young House Love.
          This makes me wish I still had a key from my apartment on 6th avenue and the one in Astoria. Alas, I as good and turned them all in.

7. The Best Hotels in NYC for Under $200 a night.
          This is useful information. Very useful indeed.

8. Portraits by Hope Gangloff, especially this one of a man and his dogs.
          I don't like the colors of this painting so much as I like the painterliness and the fact that he had his portrait made with his dogs.

9. This Article from Honestly WTF on where to shop for Antique Rings.
          The places listed here have some amazing stuff, but I don't think the prices are as good as if you were to, say, go into an actual antique or jewelry store...becuase there's always a discount to be had in person.

10. Cringe with Marc Van Bulck
          Ok, so I didn't pin this, but a friend recently told me that Marc Van Bulck, a dear friend from high school and community theatre, has his own podcast now. I gave it a listen, and he is quite a good interviewer. I recommend you check it out...especially if you like podcasts!

That's all from this Spinster. Happy Thursday!

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