Spinstergram: Fanch Ledan

Last night I went to my monthly Book SIG meeting, and it was in one of the houses I like best in the group. This house is one story and customized for accessibility, but the part I like best is the art. Lining the hallway to the living room is a gallery of at least twenty framed playbills from shows the couple has seen. They saw the likes of Dustin Hoffman and Lauren Bacall live on stage back in the day. The playbills, however, aren't even my favorite thing.

My favorite art in this house are the paintings by an artist I had not heard of before. His name is Fanch Ledan, and as far as I can tell, he paints interiors. The couple has quite a few of his paintings, all hanging about their home, but my favorites are the paintings of living rooms that actually hang o the walls of their living room. So meta.

Here is another one of their paintings:

And Here is another:

fanch-ledan-painting, fanch-ledan-interior, fanch-ledan-living-room

I just liked them so much I had to share. That is all. Happy Sunday!

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