Spinstergram: Scott Antique Market

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Yesterday was the first day of this month's Scott Antique Market. So, I decided to get my 10,000 steps in by doing a little shopping. I didn't buy anything, but I did take a bunch of pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you here!

In case you've never been to Scott Antique Market, it's a weekend once a month, and it's two warehouse-size buildings full of antique, art, and vintage dealers. If I were an interior decorator, I would be at this show every month. Since I'm not, though, I feel it's good not to tempt myself too often.

So, let's dive into these photos!

My friend Karen has an affinity for shell-shaped spoons. This was one of the first tables I saw, and I took a photo because, well, look at all those shell spoons!

I found this table full of vintage  hand mirrors somehow aesthetically pleasing. 

I thought this was a funny little jewelry box. The ring dish functions as a lid for the rest of the piece, but somehow the hand sprouting up makes the piece look as if someone were buried inside. 

This collection of plaid things struck my fancy. I liked to see t hem all sitting there together. 

To whom it may concern: I would like this chest, please. I like how it's got square detailing instead of rounded. Quite nice. 

I thought this was an interesting concept for a dinner table. There are different levels, so if you have a snobby guest, you can put them in a seat where they can actually look down at everyone. 

These intricately carved skulls aren't really my style, but I can appreciate that they are really cool.

mannequin-head, fake-head

I saved the best for last. In a tent outside of building one, there was a man with a whole bunch of vintage plaster men's heads. Most of them looked like scary Ken doll heads, but then there was one that looked like a middle-aged man who just did something he wasn't supposed to. I'd really love to buy this and put it on someone's book shelf and wait until they realize it's there. Amazing.

There are still three days left of Scott Antique Market in Atlanta this month. So, if you feel so inclined. I say go for it!

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