Sunday Sketch: The Internet Rabbit Hole

Yesterday I took a break from socializing and spent my day painting, sewing, sketching, listening to NPR, and watching the Food Network. It was glorious, and now I feel better equipped to deal with people again.

Like most people my age, I somehow can't seem to watch TV without also being on the internet. While I did find some cool things to add to my Tumblr queue, on the whole, I'm not so sure I'm glad I fell down the rabbit hole.

I started by researching the claims that Richard Simmons is missing. While one source claims it's black magic, I think it's more likely that in recovery for his most recent surgery, he just put on some weight and doesn't want to be seen in public. Let me tell you, it doesn't take black magic to gain weight. I'm living proof.

Next, as a result of the same conversation that informed me about Richard Simmons, I researched the beheading of a referee in Brazil a few years ago. How did I miss this news story? This is insanity. And it's too scary and gross for me. And I wish I hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole on this one. But I did. So, here's the sketch I made.

I hope your Sunday is excellent. Don't fall down the rabbit hole unless it's full of Beyonce gifs.

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