Uniform: Miranda Tee

As I mentioned last week, Zazzle was having a sale on custom tee shirts. They were all 50% off, so I knew I needed to get one. I thought about making one that said "I love my rescue," but then I thought...what better way to show that I love my rescue than making a shirt with her face on it? So, that's what I did.

The tee shirt arrived yesterday, and it is adorable. The only thing is that I ordered an XL because I wanted it to be a sleep shirt, and so the placement is a little off on my body. But I suppose if I were actually an XL person, it would be in the perfect spot.

I showed a couple of friends, and they said they wanted miranda shirts, so just in case they were serious, I added the shirt to the Zazzle Spinster Store. Tees are 30% off today, apparently, if you use the code LUCKYTEE4YOU. So, there's that. Check it out!

Miranda Tee
Miranda Tee by spinsterstore
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Happy Wednesday!

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